Survey Earth in a Day 9 is scheduled for June 20, 2020 at Noon in YOUR Local. #SEIAD9 is a social surveying education experiment, to recalculate the earth's surface.


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150 year old surveyor

 John Veatch has had a lot of experience as a land surveyor. Unfortunately the John Veatches of the world have a pension for being decades ahead of their time.   The first John Veatch came to St. Mary’s County Maryland even before this country was one. The land surveyor John Veatch came from a preacher’s family, growing up in Indiana and Kentucky.  His father was also a member of the Indiana legislature. In 1835 he presented himself to Jorge Antonio Nixon, land commissioner for the Galveston…

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Hundreds of Surveyors From Facebook Participating

  With less than 18 days until Surveying Earth in a Day, just wanted to mention the terrific turnout for participants on our Survey Earth collaboration efforts on Facebook. Survey Earth in a Day Event on Facebook Survey Earth in a Day Page on Facebook Facebook Group for Discussing Survey Earth in a Day Please spread the word and paste this discussion on your own facebook page to help get your friends involved! Remember that this is an annual event which will happen every year on the summer…

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Geographic Midpoint Calculator

Geographic Midpoint Calculator Finds the exact point that lies halfway between two or more places. Find your personal center of gravity--the geographical average location for all of the places you have lived in. See the results on a Google Map.  Using the calculator  FAQ Find your halfway point Here are a few of the many possible uses for the calculator: Find your personal center of gravity. Select all cities or addresses where you have lived, then view those places on a map along with a…

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Mathematical geodesists before 1900

As we get ready to embark on a community adventure that may change the world (ie. Survey Earth in a Day), let's take a moment to learn more about those who came before us. Famous geodesists Mathematical geodesists before 1900 Pythagoras 580–490 BC, ancient Greece[2] Eratosthenes 276–194 BC, ancient Greece Posidonius ca.135–51 BC, ancient Greece Claudius Ptolemy 83–c.168 AD, Roman Empire (Roman Egypt) Abu Rayhan Biruni 973–1048, Khorasan[3][4] Sir George Biddell Airy 1801–1892, Cambridge &…

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    Survey Earth in Day 5 2016

    June 21st happens on a Tuesday this year, so all surveyors using GPS equipment at work should be able to participate from their jobsite.

    June 16th 2016
  • I plan on participating on Friday. One question; How long of a session do we need record?

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    Survey Earth in a Day
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    Survey Earth in a Day
    Survey Earth in a Day, Tampa, Florida. 3,516 likes · 2 talking about this. At Noon, on the day of the solstice, June 21, 2018, professional land surv…
  • it is good news for all

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