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Webinars for Surveyors

Civil 3D for Surveyors & Engineers Webinar


Everyone talks about Civil 3D for the engineering community, but what about surveyors? In this webinar we will discuss the many aspects of survey functionality available to surveyors, and how you can automate field surveying. Now, if you’re an engineer reading this, and your about to ignore this webinar, don’t! This webinar will be good for engineers as well so that you are aware of the survey functionality in Civil 3D to better communicate with your surveyors. Come join us and take a peak behind the curtains of survey functionality in Civil 3D.

KML 101 -- How to Create Amazing Maps in Google Earth and Maps

Find out how to transform virtually any data into KML -- regardless of format or structure -- using FME. You'll see how to easily create and style balloons, customize icons and colours, as well as intelligently organize placemarks -- all using repeatable processes that let you create amazing displays in Google Maps and Earth. Plus discover how to share real-time data by using FME with HTML5 WebSockets.

Surveying with Small UAVs A Paradigm Shift Webinar Recording

Surveying with Small UAVs A Paradigm Shift Driven by the rapid evolution of close-range photogrammetry in recent years, small UAVs equipped with regular cameras are rapidly adopted by surveyors worldwide as a key field-to-plan tool for 1:250 scale surveying projects. However, while using small UAVs for surveying is approved in most of the countries in the world, it is still in a legal limbo in the US. This webinar will review the principles of using small UAVs for surveying with regular cameras, introduce multiple real-life case studies of surveying works using small UAVs, and provide practical hands-on best practices for using small UAVs in the field. The webinar will review the legal status of using UAVs in the US, and especially the two recent court cases involving the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and users of UAVs, where the FAA’s policy memorandum on UAVs, particularly in regard to their being used for commercial purposes, was found to be not legally binding. Presented By: Eric Colburn, PLS

Big Data, New Physics, and Geospatial Super-Food

In this 50 minute lecture we will explore Big Data, New Physics, and Geospatial Super-Food Speaker: Jeff Jonas, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist, Entity Analytics "From Big Data to Analytics, Fusion and Information Extraction", MIT Forum - Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University,

Presentation: Practical Use of Geospatial Technology for Managing the National Forests in Florida

Presentation by Dr. Paul Medley, USFS National Forests in Florida, at the 42nd Annual Spring Symposium hosted by the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation. Originally presented May 22, 2013 in Gainesville, Florida. For more fire science and wildland fire management information and webinars specifically applicable to the South, visit the Southern Fire Exchange (