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Topcon Magnet Field & Magnet Enterprise

I have been using the new Magnet-Field software on Tesla controllers. The software works great, but has a few drawbacks that I want to list.

1. The controller likes to "lock-up" at least once or twice a day. I think this is a Windows issue.

2. There is not a very good support system (by Topcon) in place.

I have also subscribed to Magnet-Enterprise. The whole concept is great but it also has some issues.

When your agree to subscribe ($30/month) you are given the impression that you only need one subscription. Example: When I first subscribed, I set up user names and passwords for all of my GPS controller users (I have three). When the crew was out in the field and they were logged in to Enterprise and connected to the project, I could log in as well and "see" their progress in real-time. This only worked for a week. After the first week, only one device (Field Controller or Computer) could log in to Enterprise, which really kills the whole point of the program. After speaking with Topcon, I was informed that every user would need their own subscription ($30/month X 4). I decided that as long as the crew could upload/download files from Enterprise, that we could live with the limited access. Then last week, the AutoCad WS module disappeared from the Enterprise page and is no longer usable. I did not use this much, but it is handy. And now stating yesterday, none of my controllers will log in to enterprise. I get a "The message could not be delivered" error.

I think that Topcon has a really nice product in the Magnet line, but it lacks support and if I am to pay monthly for a service, I expect it to work. Unless it gets better, I will be dropping my subscription to Magnet-Enterprise soon.

My Two Cents,

Mike McCulley, RLS

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