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Topcon Gps Hiper Ga Rtk Modem

Hi Derest LSU member i stuck with range doing topo survey RTK modem method which maximum range getting fix only 1.2KM beyond that rover cant get fix...any of member have any advice and advance settingIMy gps Topcon Hiper Ga (No Glonass) due updated i couldnt afford...Thanks for any possitive comment ideas and tips.And one more please comment picture below that i did working in raining season the sattelite detected 8 and getting fix its any error or uncorrect value calculated

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  • If your not using an external base radio such as a Topcon TRL-35 or PacCrest 35W radio the Hiper Ga internal 1W radio is only reliable to a range of about a mile (OK Topcon will say 3.5 -5 miles with an * attached ... under "optimal conditions"). 1 mile equals about 1.6 KM (according to my superior Google querying skills). At 1.2 Km you are probably pushing the limits of your Hiper Ga. It all really depends on your radio line of sight...mountainous terrain, buildings, pits wil limit radio reception. I would highly recommend hooking up an external radio to that Hiper... Take a look at a radio made by Pacific Crest called the ADL, This radio could easily get you 20 kilometers or more depending on topography. I have a very trustworthy source confirming this.

    Pacific Crest
    Pacific Crest products provide best-in-class solutions with a wide range of radio and GNSS solutions.
  • Thanx Randy....

  • Our Hiper Pros were 'throttled' back to a short range by a firmware setting; once our tech changed the setting in the receivers, our range improved dramatically.

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