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Student Surveyor

Topcon FC-4 Manual Request

Would anyone happen to have a user manual for an older (c.1990) Topcon FC-4 controller/data collector? I recently picked one up and need to know what DRAM card to purchase for it and any pertinent specifics for interfacing it with my GTS-3b. Thanks so much!

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  • Hi Bruce, Yes ,that is a pre-1990 collector. I remember the FC-1, 1983+/- the FC -2, 1986+/- and FC -5, 1989+/- also. Topcon and Sokkia had it going on back then. If nothing else ,thank you for the memories. I know the past is the past and we move on but I find it more and more a lot of old manuals are getting harder to find.  And it seems that companies are making it hard to talk to someone about older products and to obtain these old manuals.I used a HP 41 CV and CX with these then moved on to HP48 SX and GX with SMI and TDS .

    I will keep you in mind and keep looking.

  •  HI Bruce, sorry I could  not  help to much. Make sure you have all the correct settings the same for the Gun.  Baud rate 9600 etc. And the correct cable for that Gun. You may have checked all this. Some times,

    you can have a bad cable. Have you used another collector on this instrument , if not make sure everything  is enabled in the guns settings and connect another DC to it, if you have. I will keep you in mind the next time I go there. Do not give up on Topcon, Email and phone them to you talk to someone. Yes, this is one of the older DC, They got the job done. I used Topcon and Sokkia before I used HP48 with SMI and TDS.

    • Student Surveyor

      Hi Billy, The FC-4 is set at 300 baud and my gun is fixed at 1200. That's one of the problems - can't get FC-4 to change to 1200. Cable is good; I have two and they both work with another DC I have. Another question I have for this elusive manual is what memory card do I need to buy for the FC-4? I know it's an old SDRAM cartridge, but how big, with battery, etc? The fact it's lacking a memory card may be the reason it won't accept changes to the baud rate... Kind of running blind without manual. I'll try again with Topcon CS too. Thanks again for your help.

      • Hi Bruce,

        The Cable may still be the problem even so ,it worked for another DC, it still may not be the correct cable. But you know about the history of it. Did it come with that DC. Its been  along time since I used one. I do remember that the size was small on the Ram card.

        And most older TS do used 1200br and many Topcon's use this setting. At this it works much slower for older software and hardware on older Guns. wish I could help more.

        Hope Topcon comes thought. 

        Did you read this.

        Data Recorder Communications
  •  Hi Bruce,

     I have this manual, but it is in storage , for safe keeping. It is also 50 miles from where i live.

     Sorry wish I could help you. If I go there I will try to find it. Have you tried to contact Topcon Support.

     How every I did have this old bookmark and it still works. It may help you some. When I first tried it, it did not work, it told me the page did not exist, so maybe it updated the link. On this page you will find other links to more  info.

    Is this the DC you have.

    Here is sample of Raw Data.

    Topcon FC-4 default settings
    • Student Surveyor

      Hi Billy,

      Yes, the pic link you sent - that's my DC. I attempted to contact Topcon a while back but no reply. The hardware is kind of ancient though... I had also found all of the other links you forwarded - and that's all I could find on the Internet with a Google search.

      I was able to charge up my FC4 and connect it to my GTS-3b but the comm port setup doesn't work so I'm doing something wrong. I'm pretty tech savvy. I believe the manual would be a big help getting past this hurdle, so when you go to your storage next I'd appreciate you looking if you have the time.

      Thanks much for your help,


  • Survey Legend

    not sure how close the FC-4 is to the FC-25 but i found this one..ill keep looking...

    • Student Surveyor

      Thank you for this. Unfortunately, the FC-4 is its own bird - nothing like the 25. I don't believe it was manufactured for very long, so access to documentation has proven to be difficult. 

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