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Professional Land Surveyors of North America is a social support group and forum for land surveyors who work in countries of North America such as Canada and the 50 states of USA. Find a list of subgroups below for individual countries and states for North America

1993 North American Land Surveyors
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North American Land Surveyors

Issues Of GLO Notes Transcribed, Telegraphed (1880's) To Surveyors W/Bad Errors ETC.

Greetings Surveyors!I'm confronted with a difficult situation here in Santa Barbara regarding retracing original GLO surveys, potential fraud of 1891 retracing of the same lines and the potential for telegraph transcriptions fouling the 1891 surveyors efforts to get their contract survey started for the GLO.I've submitted a request for a group to address the specifics, and hope the request is granted so others with the courage, integrity and interest can help address this for the benefit of the…

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Student Surveyor

Survey Map of Greece Property assistance

Thank you in advance for reading and assisting me with this issue.I have a survey map of a property in Greece which uses X, and Y co-ordinates to depict exact locations.  However, these points are numerical numbers such as x = 217044,732 and Y = 4283044,531.I am trying to map this piece of land on Google Maps but do not understand the numbering system and how it may translate to the numbering systems used in Google Maps.Please help me understand.Thank you,Pantely

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Land Surveyors in the North America


North American Land Surveyors Group is for professional land surveyors who live and work in North America to get together and discuss surveying.

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  • this group is Awesome...i love how every group has a different background...nice touch!
  • have you tried the "Local"tab in the navigation? if you haven't you're in for a real the rate this site is growing i wouldn't be surprised if LSU soon becomes the Facebook for land surveyors...
  • Any USA mid-Atlantic region surveyors on hear? Also looking for old friends in Texas, Arizona and California.
  • Organizing by geographic area is a good idea.
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