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Hello All

Well after a long time of searching I finally bought a Robotic, a Sokkia SRX 3 with Carlson Explorer 600+ 

however i cant seem to get the darn thing to work, at least from the pole end.

I am getting the RC PR3 to connect to the gun, it sends out a signal, and is connected via bluetooth, and the data collector which runs Survce 2.0 connects to the RC, but it does work if I try to set the angle or get it to fire a distance from the pole?

what am i not doing. PS I followed the instructions from the manual.


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  • Hey, if you are working from the pole is because you are away from the total station, and it means you are working in a project, and using a routine (I am talking about SurvCE 2.....): Store points or Stake points. if you want to know the coordinates , distance and angle of the point where you are, then go to store points recheck your backsight and collect that point. Or if you want to stake a point any distance and any angle from the point where you are, go to stake points recheck the backsight select point by direction and fill the boxes with the angle, distance and slope you want.

    Those are the ways I know to fire from the pole in SurvCE. Hope it helps 

  • been trying to get a hold of him, no luck

  • GeoEducator

    Sounds like a classic problem with these SRXs... did you call and ask Skip?  he's very familiar with troubleshooting this scenario..

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