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  • Not a Surveyor

    Well I think I have figured out some of this.  I finaly got a little DC-DC converter module off ebay.

    Ebay item # 263047190603 $4.65 including postage.  It allowed me to take a 12 volt battery and step it down in voltage.  I set it at 6 volts and hooked it up to the pigtail I made.  It pulled about .6 amps then dropped down to about .34 amps but the display on the total station said the battery was low and started the fast beep.  I then cranked it up to 7 volts but when I turned it back on it only showed me about 2 out of 3.  I turned it up to 7.25 volts and when I turned it on it said 3 out of 3 (at or near full charge).  When I set vert and horrizontal and then measured distance to a target it went thru the measurement with the amperage going up to about .63 then dropping to .34 amps.  Measurement was exactly same as with factory battery charged to 7.45 volts.  By carefully playing around I have a working power supply.

    I found the power connector at

    Western States Cabling Inc,    656 Confluence Ave.    Murray, Utah  84123      [wsc_logo3]    [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

  • GEO Ambassador

    Not sure specifically about that unit but I have attached the manual...perhaps that will help

    • Not a Surveyor

      I have the manual and I have found a document explaining in 11 or so pages the communications protocol.  I have tried a cell phone app from systranova that allows me to read the azimuth, horrizontal distance and slope distance however the feature in this app that allows the user to set the horrizontal azimuth does not work. I wish the land surveyors united page was all text so that when using the site everything would stay still long enough to look for things.  Where can I get the origional software to connect the set3bii to a PC.  My instrument SN is 3595x ver of the internal CE software is 70-02.

      Also it would be nice to have a clean version of the manual not this blurry xerox version.  I have contacted Sokkia and they are less than helpfull.

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