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Sokkia GSR 2700IS

Terribly frustrated !!! I have a six year sokkia gps system that has internal radios and the radios have quit working. I notified Sokkia and they said that they no longer support that system. A six year system !  No longer supported !  I have a twenty year Sokkia total station and they still support it.


 The radio modems were Novatel and they have dropped their contract with them.  I have tried several suppliers and vendors, as well as, novatel to find new radio boards for my system and yet to find them.  Does anyone know any resources ?

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  • Does anyone know any troubleshooting on these units. I am using one as a base. There are three LED associated with the internal radio 1-power 2-receive 3-transmit. Well the power one is lit up. But the one below that on the left is solid red. It never turns any other color or flashes. As soon as it receives power turns red. I have a Carlson Explorer with Surv CE and when I try to access the internal radio it times out and gives me an error message. Local Sokkia dealership says unit passes all hardware tests. I am new here and do not know how to start a new discussion so I just replied to this one. I am very frustrated as these units are not network ready. So I cannot get any work done. 

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    Did this ever get sorted out kenneth?
    • No !  Still no help from Sokkia.  We have decided to purchased external radios.  What a hazzle.  I think as soon as the economic picks up we will leave Sokkia and go to a new product.


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    Ken, I pretty sure those radios are Spread spectrum you want to call me? S

    kip Farrow

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