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  • Vendor

    attached is the GRX manual which may help also

  • Land Surveyor

    here is a video which may help

  • Land Surveyor

    what specifically are you having trouble with?

    • we have a local coordinate lay out by total station badly our total station is need to calibrate the available only is our GRX 2 and we want to continue the work but no one knows how to use a local point by the gps when i try it base in this video that you tag i have an errors my stake out is not lie in the same points that total have been work

    • thank you  i ve already watch this video and i also try it  on the site that's why i have a curiosity if the gps grx 2 can set out or continue a local coordinate work by total station  because when i try it i have an error on  the gps points are not lie in the same location of total station work

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