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About 130 million books have been published in the history of humanity; A heavy reader will get the best through 6,000 in a lifetime. Most of them will not be very funny or very memorable. Books are like people; We meet many but very few fall in love. Probably only thirty books will ever recognize us correctly. They will be different for each of us, but the way they affect us will be the same.

The core - and perhaps unexpected - thing that books do for us is simple. This seems strange because we consider literature as sophisticated. But there are powerful ways in which books organize, and articulate our concerns - and simplify in this sense.

By center, storytelling is fundamentally simpler than a book lived experience. The writer omits a large sum of money (and can always be added - by necessity - in life, actually completely free essays online can help). In the plot, we move from one critical moment to the next - while there are endless sub-plots in life that distract and confuse us. In one story, the major events of a marriage unfold over a few dozen pages: in life, they span years and span hundreds of business meetings, vacations, hours of television watching, chatting with one's parents, shopping trips, and dentists. Let's interact with appointments. . The narrow logic of a plot corrects the chaos of existence: the link between events can be further elucidated. We understand - in the end - what is going on.

Writers often explain a lot along the way. They often shed light on why a character is doing this; They reveal the secret thoughts and motives of the people. The characters are very clearly defined in comparison to the ones we actually encounter. On the page, we meet pure villains, get more resourceful heroes, people whose misery is more pronounced, or whose qualities are more obvious, they never normally do. They - and their actions - provide us with simplified goals for our emotional lives. We can love or reveal them, pity them or condemn them as much as we can to our friends and acquaintances.

We need simplification as our brains examine the complexity of our lives. The author, but on rare occasions, puts into words those who had left us for a long time better than we know ourselves. They tell our own stories, but with clarity, we can never achieve.

Literature corrects our basic objectivity. So often we feel lost for words; We are impressed by the sight of a bird's wheel in the evening sky; We know of a particular atmosphere at dawn, we love someone in a slightly wild but sympathetic way. We struggle to verbalize our feelings; We can end by commenting: 'This is so good' Our emotions seem too complex, subtle, unclear and elusive that leave us spellbound. The ideal writer dwells on some striking things: the angle of the wing; the Slowing of the largest branch of a tree; Angle of mouth in a smile. Simplification does not betray the nuances of life, it makes life more visible.


Great writers build bridges for those we might otherwise dismiss as strange or inconsistent. They cut through the common core of the experience. By choosing and emphasizing, they reveal the important things we share. They show us where to look.

They help us feel. Often we want to be good, we want to be cared for, we want to feel warmly and tenderly - but this cannot happen. It seems that there is no suitable eclipse in our normal life in which our emotions can pull themselves out. Our relationship is very compromise and inflammatory. This can feel very risky which is great for someone who may not be reciprocal. So we don't feel much; We freeze. But then - in the pages of a story - we meet someone, perhaps she is very beautiful, gentle, sensitive, young and dying; And we cry for him and do all the cruelty and injustice of the world. And we are devastated, not devastated, but refreshed. Our emotional muscles are used and their strength is newly available for our lives.

Not all books have the simplifications we need. We are often not in the right place to use the knowledge that a book has to present. The task of connecting the right book to the right person at the right time has not yet been noted for what it deserves: newspapers and friends recommend books to us as they work for them, without thinking that they Why to work for us too. But when we come across as the ideal book for us, we are presented with an extraordinarily clear, more explicit, better-organized account of our concerns and experiences: for a time at least our minds become less clouded And our hearts become more accurately sensitive. Of books

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