• Trimble R8 bluetooth problem

    Hello friends,My R8 reciever suddenly powered off while operating on in the field, after poweing it on again, the bluetooth connexion lost and the device can't no longer be found when searching it with the DC.Any idea??Thanks

    By ETTAQY Elmakky

  • Leica viva measurement engine initiation

    Hello friendsi have a viva gnss GS14, wich stop tracking satellites , I would like to re-intiate the measurement engine, does anybody here know how we do that??Thanks

    By ETTAQY Elmakky

  • Hi-target 32H Problems

    I need help on my GNSS receiver Hi-target 32H. I couldn't use it for RTK because of issues with registration i believe.   Any ideas?

    By Ahmed Babayo

  • How to calculate chord length with only delta angle

    Hi im trying to calculate the chord distances/ bearings on my lots but im not familiar with this wording. My lots are 21 and 22. Can anyone figure this out? Thanks

    By Luke

  • Lath Corrections

    How does everyone make corrections their lath markings when out in the field? Currently we're using a pocket knife to scrape off mistakes/out of date information. I'm thinking that their should be an easier way.We try to reuse lath where we can. Typically it's just for a change in offset, and I'm…

    By Jon

  • Co-Rotation

    Hello members I had some topo Data and i want to rotate to real coordinate,anyone can help me for this work excel or any program helps to this......

    By fikadu tazeze


  • Seeking Employment

    applications of surveying profession

    What are the new applications for surveying profession ? or what it might be ?

    By Mazen el halaby

  • Emlid GNSS

    Hi to all,Was there anyone who used the GNSS Emlid? Please give your views on this system, how long would it take to have a rtk reading in cm with 2 GNSS.What is the accuracy in H? Thank you to all.Emlid GNSS…

    By Noureddine Melal

  • Corner or monument?

    When a land surveyor performs a land survey of a parcel of unsubdivided land stemming from the public domain,  and he files his survey for record, do the monuments he sets to mark the corners thereof become a part of constructive notice of title evidence?  Hint, the answer may be "it depends."

    By James Dorsey

  • What defines a Real Property?

    A real property boundary is the boundary where the title of one party ends and the title of the adjoining party begins.  Therefore, boundary determination is a function of land title.

    By James Dorsey