• How to achieve High accuracy topographical data

    Hi everyoneI want to know the procedure or software by which we can achieve high accuracy topographical data. Actually i need natural ground level points. Job site is Saudi Arabia UTM 38 North.Thanks

    By mohammad waqar

  • Help Me Out with this Occupational Survey

    Hey fellow Surveyors,I am here to help with Land Surveyor Exam Preparations.   If you'd like to help me better serve you, Please take this short form and I'll be back in touch with you.…

    By Michael LaFontaine

  • For Hire: Contract AutoCAD Drafting Work Wanted

    I am a PLS registered in Kansas and I am living abroad, currently in Germany.  I am looking for contract drafting work. If anyone has any additional work, or knows of any company that is looking for help, please send me a message through my profile here on Land Surveyors UnitedThanks in advance!

    By Bill Wright

  • Writing Program using Casio fx 5800P

    Hellow my follower Lands Surveyors, I just bought a casio fx 5800P and I am not familiar with using this type of , but may have anyone how have traverse program, either finding diff northing and easting program. If anyone of you have skills in any of the above program language, please send over to…

    By Riteri Kiboi

  • Solar Observation Program in spreadsheet and program for grid to geographic vice versa

    Good day fellows, I am trying to have a program (maybe in excell/text format) for determining azimuth by solar observation with the details are listed such as set of horizontal readings, altitude, time, mean observations,corrections,hourly variations,npd,p,h,l,s,azimuth etc. This is needed in the…

    By joseph Uy

  • Looking for old, obsolete Microwave EDMs... such as Tellurometer CA 1000,etc..

    I am looking for, collecting old Microwoave  EDMs. Such as Tellurometer CA 1000 or the earlier military versions. Working is best but not necessary,  to be used for Non surveying use.…

    By Patrick J. Barthelow

  • Transformation and Projection

    Hello,I am a Civil Engineer with limited survey experience and have been reviewing Transformation and Projection concepts.I noticed the idea of scale factor as it relates to transformations refers to the idea of moving points from ground to grid.  This gets confusing because it is not considered…

    By Chuck Turlington

  • Ghana coordinate system

    I would be glad if someone will provide me with the configuration or a link to the configuration of Ghana coordinate system datum. Thank you.

    By Kweku Danquah

  • Urgent need of a total station.

    Good day All.I have a fellow surveyor that is in Urgent need of a total station if any of you would be able to help. he have About R90 000 to spend but the requirements for the site he will work on is as follow. It needs to be a 1" or 2" or 3" total station with R400 reflector-less. where are…

    By George Bouillon

  • Custom coordinate system in Trimble R10 GPS

    Greetings everyone. I am looking for a solution for creating and saving custom coordinate systems in our Trimble R10 GPS system with TSC 3 controller .A lot of our work takes place in our town Stratford, Ontario,Canada where the city has a control network based on NAD83 Original. However,when I…

    By Rob