• Rent High Precision Total station in Dubai

    Hi,I will probably need to go to Dubai for making a precision monitoring survey on a construction site.Since I prefer not to bring my total station from Italy, I will need to rent a high precision total station there (1" at least, but 0.5" would be more suitable). Have anyone already rented any…

    By Massimo

  • About Nikon Total stations

    Hi this sounds a little bit of a newbie question but I'm asking on why some land surveyors think that Nikon total stations and that Leica and Topcon total stations are better overall. I personally think Nikon TS' gets the job done especially on the topographic surveys and in relocation surveys but…

    By Timothy Francisco


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  • Topcon ES-105 Checking Level Mid Setup

    Hello,When first turned on , Level X/Y , Hit OK .  My question is as follows : With no vile bubble on gun , if I would like to check…

    By Stephen R.

  • Leica DNA CSV Formating

    Hi all,I am wonding the most efficient way people are using Lecia DNA data.The company I am with, in my opinion, do not have an efficient work flow for processing data from a DNA.My current thought is to export a CSV straight from the DNA and to have an Excel Macro to format and calculate RLs of…

    By Mitchell Holyoake

  • Just So We Are All on the Same Social Pages

    Many exciting changes are in the works as we dive into transition to the new website and I just want to make sure everyone in the community is on the same page.  And by same page I mean, let's make sure everyone is following one another in order to maximize our reach.  So, below are our community's…

    By ⚡Survenator⌁

  • SurvCADD Release 2XML - Wizard Update Error - msvcrt.dll

    I have an odd issue. We have some legacy survey projects that were designed and are still being built using SurvCADD Release 2XML (AutoCAD 2002). We still have a handful of users doing stakeout and asbuilts for a few long-term projects -over 15 years.A few weeks ago, some of the users got an error…

    By M Rossi

  • Problem Faced in CAD Drafting Services For Land Surveying

    Hello There, I am starting this discussion to understand the various problem that you all are facing while drafting the daily work in various software. Let's share and resolve the issues. Being a survey drafting company we…


  • LEICA TC805 how to display coordinates (help)

    Hello fellow surveyors!I have a question to anybody out there who might knows more about his LEICA tc400, 500, 600, 700, 800 than I do.I got a Leica tc805 and need to use it on a small site where I actually did'nt want to work with a collector or any computer to manage the data.Is it possible at…

    By Markus

  • Istar 360 with topographic surveys

    I am aware that istar 360 can be used in topographic surveys. Who has any documents on this issue for me please refer to. thank you very much

    By Anh Quang