• Contract Work Heavy Overtime

    When I first started Land Surveying I would get offers to work on these massive jobs that offered outrageous overtime. I can't seem to find them anymore.I'm an extremely well rounded crew chief that knows the office and field from boundary surveys to laser scanning and construction layout.I'm at a…

    By William Kenter

  • Insight into alternative route survey

    Hi everyone, I intend embarking on decongesting a route of its heavy traffic and I think getting professional opinion will go a long way. Ideas and information are welcome. Please feel free to contribute

    By Jayeoba Emmanuel Temitope

  • Managing office and field schedule

    As our company grows, we are having trouble keeping the department's schedule running nice and smooth. We have tried, using calendars, and spreadsheets, but it seems that for us a whiteboard for the fieldcrew and a whiteboard for the cad team is the way to go. Does anyone out there have some good…

    By James Barnett

  • To fix deference among total station survey and 3D scan survey

    Hi,any way to fix a topographic surveyed map upon a 3D scan survey?I have surveyed a site and the site surveyed by 3D scan as well, so there are deference in the location of objects in the site between them, but not equal in deference part of the site, the site is to be used for reconstruction…

    By Mohammad Salem


    HelloI have an error in trimble business center (TBC)unable to import .JOB fileBest regardyvon

    By yvon laurin


    I'm running a SOKKIA SRX with SurveCE on Carlson Surveyor+ data collector. We mainly do Urban/ Semi-Urban cadastral surveys. In one man operation tried to use Robot mode. I've setup a tripod and set the ATP1 360 prism for backsight & foresight. In TRACKING & SEARCH modes the gun locks to…

    By Nimal Jayamaha

  • Looking for advice to work remotely as a survey drafter.

    Hi all.I am a registered surveyor in Australia and I am hoping to get some feedback from some of my colleagues across the globe in the LSU network.In a few years time, my wife and I are looking to spend a few years travelling and seeing the world on a working holiday. I am hoping to bring an income…

    By Paul Vidler

  • Leica System 1200 error 1093

    When trying to upload a Geoid12B for a small portion in South Florida in a Leica System 1200, error 1093 comes up with a message saying there's not enough RAM to proceed. Anyone has had the same issue?

    By Eugenio Palomo

  • Real Time GNSS positioning service in Switzerland

    Hi,I need to do a topographic survey in Switzerland, and I would like to know if I can subscribe, just for a short period, to a Ntrip correction positioning service that I can use with my Sokkia GRX1 GNSS receiver.Anyone knows what products are available for real-time GNSS correction in…

    By Massimo

  • Show Site elements in Civil 3D

    Hi Guys,looking for some site elements symbols, when drawing them in civil 3d, due to small scale some of objects may not be drawn but it should be shown by symbols, any suggestion default symbols for advertising board at streets, water valve, and small shade structures? Thanks. 

    By Mohammad Salem