• DWG to DTM or.BOT

    Good day.i have survey data in autocad for a road that i have measured. the client wants to import it in Road maker, that means he needs it in .bot or DTm formats and auto cad does not give me the option to export to those formats. any advise.Kind regrads 

    By George Bouillon

  • Is a degree actually worth it?

    Hello guys, I have finished my education in my native country (Romania). I have a B.A. and M.A. in geography and I can say that about 30-40% of what I have learned is somewhat related to surveying. Unfortunately the school system is also not very good in Romania (school can be quite expensive and…

    By Octavian Turlea

  • Dunham & Morrow, Inc. DML Magnetic Locator Warranty

    When I bought my Dunham and Morrow magnetic locator; it had a lifetime warranty. Now when I go to their website I see they have been bought out and no longer offer the lifetime warranty. Will the new owners,honor the warranty. How should I go about getting an instrument repaired?

    By Tony Cato


    Hi every one hereI have a task to analyse slopes and provide a suitable water flow proposal. Any one knows how to prepare a flood analysis map here?thank you

    By mashaka ally mwageni

  • Trimble R8 Model 3 (R8-3) GNSS GLONASS GSM Rover

    Trimble R8 model 3 with radio module GSM 850/1900 mhz Rover.  R8-3 and case included.  Unit is in good working condition.  $4600 US dollar.  …

    By Joshua Soileau

  • Henry David Thoreau

    I am attaching the introduction from my soon to be published book:"Henry David Thoreau as a Surveyor -Myth versus Reality"INTRODUCTION"We falsely attribute to men a determined character; putting together alltheir yesterdays and averaging them, we presume we know them. Pity theman who has a…


  • Immigration

    Hi colleagues. I really hope for your help in the issue of immigration. I live in Moscow, but I'm going to leave it in 1.5-2 years. The situation in Russian economy is really deplorable. During this time I want to get more experience in  geodesy.And now a bit about me. Half a year I worked as an…

    By Filip Srpak


    Hi AllI wanted to know all your  opinions on the types of work that could be outsourced by a third party that would typically be done by an employee of the company.for exampleObtaining site drawingsRenting equipment delivering to site Cad output Map output feel free to ad to list.What are your…

    By habib zeit

  • How to Post Available Surveying Jobs for Free

    Instructions for adding yourself to the List of Surveying Jobs WantedThe new and improved International Surveyor Jobs Board is in full effect, currently with over 6850 available employment opportunities for land…

    By Jaybird

  • Documentation for TDS Survey Pro v3.20 / Topcon GTS-710

    Can anyone give me any leads to documentation for TDS Survey Pro v3.20 as built-in on a Topcon GTS-710? A lot of the features can be figured out intuitively, or by getting hints from manuals for other early versions of Survey Pro on other platforms, but I'd like to find the full details for this…

    By Bill Chiarchiaro