• ProMark 500

    You can always use Opus Online User Service, but it must be at least 15 minutes and in Rinex2 Format, that Free or try EZSurv - GNSS Post Processing Software it cost $$ ( however you can at least get a Free Trial ) Both support Ashtech Units.…

    By Ron Willhoit

  • promark 500 static data

    Hello, I use a promark 500 gnss/gps for alot of my work. And I had to collect some static data with it the other day, so collecting the data was pretty easy.But once I returned to the office and I downloaded the data from the receiver I very quickly figured out that I don't have a program that will…

    By Catlon Phelps

  • Height Reductions

    Hi AllI hope this post find everyone well and in good healthExplain how differences in heights are reduced by adapting the raw                 measurements to refined data. Explain reductions relating to sea level, close,              and mean. Any help would be appreciatedRegardsMAt

    By Mat Win

  • Multiple PLS/PM positions

    Happy Monday all! I wanted to reach out as I am looking for a 2 PLS /PM's in the North Carolina area as well as in the Indiana/Illinois areas with experience in Oil & Gas. Salary and benefits package are extremely competitive. If you're interested in hearing more, or know someone who is…

    By Josh McVeigh

  • inconsistent RTK elevations

    Does anybody have advise to a way to weed through inconsistent shots? Our field crew goes out on Monday, shoots elevations on control stations set 10 years ago, (that have been checked-out to have good NAVD88 elevations. They take 50 shots on each station using RTK, come in with the info and one…


  • Lisp for autocad 2015

    Dear Surveying Fraternity,How to generate coordinates for some 100 points using lisp for autocad 2015

    By narsinga rao Dosala

  • HP41 ASTRO*ROM documentation

    Greetings, is there any online documentation for the HP41 ASTRO*ROM package from Elgin, Knowles & Senne?I recently acquired one to entertain my navigation math hobby.  I am not a surveyor and would not use the application for any practical purpose.  I am intrigued to learn more about old school…

    By Todd Deckard

  • Low salary rates for surveyors

    Back in the day when I was an articled student on the lower mainland (Vancouver,B.C.) a lot of surveyors were bidding on a relatively few jobs considering the number of surveyors. This unfortunate ratio led to under bidding which led to reduced wages in spite of apparent book rates. If they had…

    By Bruce mckay

  • leica viva ts16

    hello my friends  i need manuals for leica viva ts 16 who have this can send for me on my mail hamedseaf38@gmail.comthanks 

    By hamed ahmed ali abo-seif


    Can someone please help me understand and site reasons why surveyors nowadays are getting low salary rates these days?

    By Edward Anthony Pardillo