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Land Surveying Equipment Videos Hub is the only place on the web where you can search and view all land surveying equipment  related videos by all the major land surveying manufacturers, educational organizations and survey software companies.  Subscribe and follow this hub to be notified when new channels are added and to watch all of the latest equipment videos without having to visit youtube or vimeo!

16 Land Surveyors
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Welcome to the Surveying Videos Hub

Inside this hub, you can track all of the latest videos by Surveying Equipment Manufacturers and Software Developers all in the same place.  If you have questions about how to add videos or would like to have your Youtube or Vimeo channel imported into the hub to maximize your engagement, start a discussion inside the forum and tell us what you would like.

Survey Software + Data Collection

Custom Rugged Tablets and Handhelds by Juniper Systems | Field Ready
Easy to make Rugged Tablet cake
WEBINAR: Getting the most from your Mesa Rugged Tablet | Field Ready
Mesa 3 Battery Test | Rock Solid
WEBINAR: Creating high-accuracy irrigation maps with Uinta | Field Ready
Mesa Rugged Tablet Accessories | Field Ready
WEBINAR: Getting Better GPS Accuracy | Field Ready
WEBINAR: Using Uinta in natural resource settings | Field Ready

Geosystems and Software

Schnelle Justierung abgehängter Decken mit dem Multilinienlaser Leica Lino L6G 3x360°
Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE – Introduction
Collaboration between engcon, Kobelco, and Leica Geosystems
Mesure d'une tranchée en sécurité et à distance avec le Leica GS18 I
Video testimonial of Doosan distributor Jamas
Leica Zeno Mobile – How to connect and use the GS18 T
Leica BLK3D increase on-site safety and enable on the spot problem solving says BAM construction
Unboxing Leica Lino L6Rs - starter kit - 3 x 360° green Multi Line Laser

Surveying Equipment

The Sokkia Brand
Sokkia Fusion | Technical Overview
Sokkia | KJM Testimonial
Sokkia R4S-BT | Technical Overview
Sokkia GCX3 | Studio Promo
Sokkia iX Series | Studio Promo
Sokkia iX Series | Promo
Sokkia GSR2700 ISX GPS Receiver Features


X-PAD Ultimate reviewed by surveyor & dealer with 40+ years experience
Como o X-PAD Ultimate ajuda nos negócios diários
Por que escolher a GeoMax
To whom recommend X-PAD Ultimate
How does X-PAD Ultimate work? The field software at a glance
How X-PAD Ultimate helps in daily business - Customer Testimony
The key to surveyor's biggest challenges
GeoMax CEO Katy Broder shares her personal experience with Corona