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TSC3 Test

Navigate To Point Trimble TSC3

How to navigate to a point using Trimble Access software installed on a TSC3 Windows Mobile 6.5 (os)

Setting up and using Trimble Remote Assistant on a Trimble TSC3 Controller

See how easy it is to set up and use Trimble Remote Assistant on a Trimble TSC3 Controller.

Trimble TSC3 - Will Not Turn On

Trimble TSC3 controller not turning on when power button is pressed. Power button pressed and no response. Power button held for 15 seconds and no response. ...

First Look: Trimble TSC3 Presented By SITECH

Released several months ago, the Trimble TSC3 has gained amazing popularity in a relatively short amount of time. This powerful new data collector features s...

Trimble TSC3 Operation Demo

Basic Video illustrating GSM modem function and camera function. Currently for sale on EBAY.

trimble controller TSC3 not start

Trimble TSC3 controller will not start. HELP.

Trimble TSC3 | Spectra Precision Ranger3: Email Setup

This short video gives a good introduction on how to setup a Gmail account for use in the field by new Trimble TSC3 and new Spectra Precision Ranger3 data co...

Trimble tsc3 stationing alignment

Pipe asbuild tally pipeline survey.

Trimble TSC3 - Will Not Turn On

Demo of how the TSC3 refuses to turn on.

Trimble Access: Configuring the TSC3 with a MiFi for VSN Connectivity

Would you like to see more tutorials like this? Please contact us at: [email protected].

Exporting & Synchronizing field data

Step by step process of exporting a .csv file from a Trimble TSC3 data collector & using Office Synchronizer to download the .csv & .job files.

Trimble VRS GPS Connectivity Problems & TSC3

Small video of a frequent problem with the new equipment.

Computing Positional Accuracy in Trimble Access - Computing Accuracy with a Known Point Tutorial

This video goes over the computing positional accuracy with a known point when working with Computing Position Accuracy in Trimble Access. It is only a portion

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