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The Kentucky Land Surveyors group forum is for KAPS members, professional land surveyors and LSU members who live and work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA.

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Charting the Commonwealth: The Historical Tapestry of Surveying in Kentucky

Kentucky's surveying history weaves a rich narrative, mirroring the state's journey from untamed wilderness to a diverse landscape of cities, farms, and thoroughfares. Beyond mere cartography, surveying has shaped Kentucky's identity, underpinned its economy, and resolved the land disputes that punctuated its history. This post delves into the essence of surveying in Kentucky, spotlighting notable surveyors, significant surveys, the formation of surveying societies, and key events that have…

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Kentucky Land Surveyors New Website

Just happened upon the new and improved KAPS website for Kentucky Land Surveyors and i have to say that it is awesome!  It's easy to navigate, has the essential social features and seems to be moving along with updates nicely.  Way to go KAPS!  This is what a state board website should be and then some! I encourage all surveyors in Kentucky to check it out and to visit their new facebook page. I hope other state boards become this proactive in support of their members.

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In the Kentucky Land Surveyors group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in the state of Kentucky.


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Kentucky State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors

Kentucky Revised Statutes
Administrative Statutes KRS Chapter 322.00

Kentucky Administrative Regulations - See Chapter 18

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