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The Maine Land Surveyors group forum is for MSLS members and professional land surveyors and LSU members who live and work in the state of Maine, USA  Share an experience from surveying in the fine state of Maine!

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Tracing the Pine Tree State: The Pioneering History of Surveying in Maine

Maine's surveying history weaves a profound tale of exploration, settlement, and boundary delineation, deeply entwined with the state's rugged terrains and maritime legacy. From its inception as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony to its emergence as an independent state, surveying has been integral to Maine's narrative. This post delves into the evolution of surveying in Maine, spotlighting notable surveyors, significant landmarks, foundational societies, and key events that have shaped the…

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Lalith Senanayake of Sri Lanka asked the question "Are surveyors researchers?"The definition of  research  seems to fit the role of surveyors perfectly.. 1) Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry.  2) Close and careful study.  I would also point out that the word study is defined as 1) The act or process of studying; the pursuit of knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research.  2) Attentive scrutiny. 3) A branch of knowledge., etc.Have we ever considered that surveyors are…

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Two great publications for Maine Surveyors are:"Sea and Shore Boundaries" by Aaron L. Shalowitz, LL.M.  of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey.1964 in two volumes, 1169 pages total.  This is probably the best work ever published on this subject!ANDNATIONAL WATER COMMISSION - "A Summary Digest of State Water Laws" by Richard L. Dewsnut & Dallin W. Jensen, Editors and Robert W. Swenson, Associate Editor. Published in 1973, 826 pages.For anyone surveying on salt water or fresh water boundaries, these…

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In the Maine Land Surveyors group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in the state of Maine.

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