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User Manual for Sokkia Set 2100,3100,4100


      I have a Sokkia Set 4100 which is a nice instrument, but I don't have a manual for it.

I think the manual would be for the Set 2100, 3100 & 4100 together. I think they are all

basically the same instrument, just different accuracies.

Thank You, Kevin

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  • GeoEducator

    this one may help

  • Seeking Employment

    I probably should mention, that the set 2110 i am looking at have manual included, so in case I'll buy it - You all will get pdf of my manual ;)

  • Actually I was able to get the manual for Sokkia 2100,3100,4100 in Spanish

    and translated it to English. Its not the greatest but it will do. If anyone would

    like a copy, let me know.



    • Student Surveyor

      Dear Kevin, 

      Do you still have these manuals?

      I also own a sokkia 4100 and do not have the manual.

      Kind regards,


    • Seeking Employment

      Hi guys - I have an offer to get 2110 for around 800 Euro (approx 930 USD). Im only after achieving Bsc in surveying and wondering would that be good for start and practice ? Could anyone support me with any advice in this matter ?

  • Party Chief

    All I managed to find was this informative brochure on the SET4100, but I'll keep looking

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