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Travel Back in Time with Sokkia GIR1000

The SOKKIA GIR-1000 system provides reliable and accurate GPS positioning for cost-effective asset control. The software is easy to use, and you can choose the positional accuracy you need for your application; The systems are available for submetric, decimeter and centimetric accuracies.

Sokkia GIR1000

Submeter System

Typically, the GIR-1000's Standard Submeter System achieves an accuracy of 2.5 feet (75 cm). This accuracy is still available when a point location is being occupied for a single second, as well as in dynamic mode when the characteristics of the line and area are being recorded.

Decimetric System

The GIR-1000's Decimetric System processes bearer codes and data transmitted by GPS satellites to achieve decimeter accuracies. The decimetric precision is feasible for the cartographic point and the line and area characteristics. In such positions where satellite synchronization is maintained, the Decimetric System has an accuracy of up to 4 inches (10 cm) with very short occupancy times.

Precision System

The GIR-1000 Precision System can obtain accuracies as good as 1 cm. For the administration of GIS assets, the Precision System solves the ambiguities inherent in carrier phase measurements to achieve precise positioning in static characteristics, as well as decimeter accuracy in dynamic characteristics.

Data Collection

The asset management tools of the GIR-1000 field line use a manual system controller for rugged reliability. Collect points, lines and areas using manual offsets; or automatically collect point offsets using the most popular laser rangefinders today. Pause or establish line and area characteristics for accurate and efficient data collection.

Processing Software

The GIR-1000 processor is based on Windows, so it supports the transfer of data "without sutures" to other Windows programs such as CAD and GIS desktops. You can even run these programs simultaneously with the GIR-1000 Processor on the same screen. The modules include:

· Characteristics Editor manages all descriptions of field assets that are made to measure and attributes labeling tasks.

· Time Viewer graphically indicates the moment in which each recording session was made, which receiver or field worker recorded the data, and the manner in which each feature was described.

· Map Viewer displays GPS accuracy and the relative location of each feature.

· Export performs the output of formatted data for the most popular GIS products, such as ArcViewÒ, ARC / INFOÒ, IntergraphÒ, AutoCADÒ, MapInfoÒ, and ASCII definable by the user.

Differential Correction

All GIR-1000 Systems accept differential corrections in real time (offering convenience and precise navigation) or in post-process mode. With option to several methods in real time, such as the Beacon (radio beacon), FM and satellite-based corrections - or even issue and receive your own correction in real time. The real-time mode requires the reception of the standard RTCM corrections.

Base Station Software

The GIR-1000 Base Station Software is based on Windows and offers simple programming of the VCR type to record the data in both GIR-1000 and RINEX formats. The flexible software works with the GIR-1000 System to generate RTCM standard differential corrections in real time.

Specifications Of The GIR-1000

System Accuracy (RMS)

· Submeter: 2.5 feet (75 cm) instantaneous / static or dynamic; 1.6 feet (50 cm) with 1 min. Occupancy 
· Decimétrico: 11.8 feet (30 cm) static or dynamic when the synchronization with the satellite is maintained for> 5 min .; 4 in. (10 cm) static or dynamic when the synchronization with the satellite is maintained for> 20 min .; 0.4 in. (1 cm) with optional software, static or dynamic when the synchronization with the satellite is maintained for> 45 min.
· Accuracy: 0.4 in. (1 cm) with 15 min. of occupation, static only when the synchronization with the satellite is maintained for> 30 min .; and the same precision as the Decimetric System for dynamic characteristics (when it is moving).

The precisions assume the PDOP <4, minimum of 5 satellites. 
Obstructions of buildings / foliage, multipath high areas, and periods of strong ionospheric fluctuations will degrade accuracies.

Equipment And Accessories

· Standard: 12-channel "all-in-sight" GPS receiver, compact GPS antenna, heavy-duty backpack transport system, 2 rechargeable receiver batteries for 12-hour operation, battery charger (120 VAC input), multipurpose data cable; (The decimeter system also includes a carrier box with protective shell, 2 meter distance pole, controller stand, and dot) (The Precision System also includes a tripod).
· Optional: HUSKY FS / 2 manual controller with FAMLOG software; (The submetric system also has an optional carrier box with protective shell, 2 meter distance post and point). The PSION Workabout manual driver has FAMLOG software.

GIR-1000 Processor Software Capabilities

· Pre-mission planning for satellite availability 
· Expert group system to automate various tasks: Download, obtain LAN / WWW base data, process, filter, export 
· Create / edit feature files to tailor libraries of characteristics and attributes 
· Waypoint Editor 
· Data transfer · Data 
collection session administration 
· GPS data differential correction
· Time display for on-screen display when the field units are collecting data 
· Map viewer for screen display of the position and data of the characteristics 
· Data conversion and coordinated transformation 
· RINEX conversion 
· Formatting of the Database , CAD and GIS 
· GEOID96 database to calculate MSL elevations in North America 
· Ability to collect points to create line or area characteristics
· Graphically edit various aspects of point, line and area characteristics

GPS Receiver Of The GIR-1000

· Tracking (tracking): 12 parallel channels, code L1 C / A (optional carrier) 
· Size: 1.9 "Height x 3.7" Width x 6.5 "Depth (4.8 cm x 9.4 cm x 16.5 cm) 
· Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.68) kg) 
· Power: 6-15 VDC, 3.5 watts 
· Temperatures: Operation -4 ° to + 131 ° F (-20 ° to + 55 ° C); Storage -22 ° to + 167 ° F (-30 ° to + 75 ° C) 
· Memory: 4.5Mb (up to 40 hours of 6 satellite data in 5-second intervals, or 8 hours in 1-second intervals)
· Update speed: selectable from 1-999 seconds 
· Warranty: 1 year (extended warranty available)

Marine IV GPS Antenna (Microband)

· Size: 7 "Diameter x 3" Height (17.8 cm Dia. X 7.6 cm Height) 
· Weight: 0.9 pounds (0.4 kg) 
· Temperatures: Operation and Storage -40 ° to + 160 ° F (-40 ° to +71 ° C) 
Impermeable to rains carried by wind and dust.

HUSKY FS / 2 Controller

· General: Manual computer with MS-DOS base; LCD screen with backlight of 8 lines x 40 characters; separate alpha and numeric keyboards; cast magnesium alloy case 
· Size: 9.3 "x 5" x 1.7 "(23.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 4.3 cm) 
· Weight: 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg) 
· Temperatures: Operation -22 ° to + 130 ° F (- 30 ° to + 55 ° C); Storage -22 ° to + 140 ° F (-30 ° to + 60 ° C) 
Water resistant against accidental dives 
Designed to withstand 6 feet (2m) of fall.

PSION Workabout System Controller

· General: 16-bit processor; LCD screen with backlight and grayscale of 12 lines x 39 characters; separate alpha and numeric keyboards; 
· Size: 7.09 "x 3.54" x 1.38 "(18 cm x 9 cm x 3.5 cm) 
· Weight: 0.7 pounds (0.3 kg) 
· Operation Time:> 60 hours (alkaline batteries at 25 ° C) 
· Temperatures: Operation + 4 ° to + 140 ° F (-20 ° to + 60 ° C); Storage -13 ° to + 176 ° F (-25 ° to + 80 ° C) Resistant to rain carried by wind and dust.
Designed to withstand 3 feet (1m) of fall.

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