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SRX3 and RC-PR4

Dear friends

I have a Sokkia SRX3 Robotic Total Station and a RC-PR4 remote but I cant connect them together. I have connected the RC-PR4 with my Controler but it cont be connected with the SRX3.

The SRX3 can be connented with my controler and works without RC-PR4.

What can I do to connect them together

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  • Land Surveyor

    A good check is that both Comms1 and Comms 2 led is lit and solid in the RC

  • Land Surveyor


    1. make sure bluetooth settings in total station is set to slave and 2 way plus remote control.

    2.Then connect the RC to the total station by  powering on the RC while holding the search button. when the total station is found Comms1 will be lit. press FAR to confirm.

    3. Now in your data logger make sure you are connecting to the RC in the(not total station) and use RC unit is checked in (are you using SurvPC). this settings are found in the Comms tab of instrument setup. in the device type look for the RC. if its not there press  the settings button on the right of bluetooth type and search for your RC type. once this is done you all good to go. 

    4. make sure the laser beam on the RC is pointing towards the total station always.

    5. email me is not solved ([email protected])
  • It must be done from the data collector, the software you are using ( I use Carlson SurvPC) will guide you to connect, follow the settings

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