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Getting to Know Older Sokkia Data Collectors

Finding user manuals and guides for older surveying equipment can be a royal pain. Over time members have thankfully submitted their old operators documents and workflows. Lately, i have seen a rise in questions related to older Sokkia equipment so I figured I'd post a few hard-to-find manuals for your use. Hopefully one of these might come in handy for you.


SDR 8100 Data Collector Operations Manual

Get to know the SDR8100 Data Collector using this Operators Manual

SDR31 Data Collector Guide

Looking to get that old SDR 31 data collector running again? This may help! Item specifics * Condition: Used * Brand: Sokkia * Operating System: 16-bit DOS Operating System * Installed Software: Embedded Sokkia Proprietary Program * Environmental Sealing: Not Environmentally Sealed * Installed Memory: 1MB Specifications: Physical and Environmental Characteristics: * Dimensions: 7.38 in. L x 3.0 in. W x 1.9 in. D * Weight: 15.5 oz. (44 grams) including battery. * Power: Disposable; 9 volt alkaline * ESD: 15 kV electrostatic discharge to all surfaces without loss of of data in RAM memory * Drop: Withstands up to 4.5-foot drop to concrete * Environmental: Limited Sealing against dust and rain. * Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing * Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104° F (0°C to 40° C) * Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140° F (-20°C to 60° C) This Data Collector is configured with: * Monochrome Display * 80c88 type (8 MHz/V25) Processor * DOS Operating System * 1MB RAM * Sokkia SDR31 Expert Software: Ver. 04-04.27 * 46-Key Keypad with 2 Side Triggers * Instrument Cable for Sokkia & Topcon Total Stations * Runs on 1 Standard 9-Volt Alkaline Battery

SDR33 Data Collector

How about that dusty SDR 33 datalogger? Try This!

Looking for something different? Tell us in the comments below. Alternatively, you can also send a private request for surveying equipment manuals here.

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