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Leica TS12 power up warning message

My Leica robotic displays a warning message that says, "Warning 60: Initialisation error...[sic]"

I "okay" it, and go to work without problems, but this is concerning.

I am having a difficult time finding a list of warning or error message descriptions from Leica.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the meaning of Leica warning messages or a link to access that information?

I reformatted the CF card, and even booted the machine without the card, figuring that Leica just wants to mess with my head about not using their proprietary memory card, lol, but the warning message appeared regardless.

If I only knew what it meant by "Initialisation error", I would be satisfied.

Leica should be ashamed that such information is not readily available, at least a list of warnings and errors in their ordinary documentation.


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