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Discontinuing an easement

I am the city surveyor for the city of East Providence.  We have just finished a survey for one of the city parks, and in doing research for the parcel, I discovered an easement reserved by Mr. Medberry reserving access to Narragansett Bay for his homestead.  As Mr. Medberry's parcel and all the surrounding parcels were taken by condemnation for the park, Is that easement automatically extinguished?I had made a reference to the easement in my surveyor's report, but because the need for the…

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Wisconsin Adminstrative Code AE-7

I have a law issue I need cleared up folks, and I am interested to see how you all interpret the law. I was recently awarded a handful of bid items, one of which titled "Preservation of Existing Monumentation"  See the following documents for the Specification and the R/W Plat       Spec%20from%20CTH%20T%20contract.pdfNow, the R/W Plat clearly shows Temporary Limited Easement for the purposes on driveway construction and sloping. So the plan is to change the slope of the land at the R/W,…

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LandLaw Exam Questions for Land Surveyors aid in Study and Faster, Better, Learning and Resources

Land Law Exam Questions for Land Surveyors aid in Study and Faster, Better, Learning and Resources - The question is: Where can you find a good comprehensive list of exam type questions for Land Law I & Land Law II for surveyors.  If not available online now, then let's do it here and create a comprehensive question and answer type of resource at LSU for this and other Land Surveyor's University library resources.  Why should we make it difficult to share and access this important information?  

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