Hi all,Did you already have any experience with this device? which software is fit better to read and save raw GNSS data?Thanks in advance.

    By Jacquelin RAMAROLAHY

  • RC2 Handle with an RC3 Prism

    Does anyone know if an RC3 unit sitting on top of a prism pole can talk to an RC2 handle of a robotic GPT-8003A total station?  I see the RC2 handles on sale at eBay as well as an RC3 prism unit.  Wondering if I can use this combination as a "dog whistle" to get the TS to point at me.  Haven't seen…

    By Charles Carpenter

  • Why the survey of the land is not over?why this repeated surveys?laymans Question

    Some times neighbours will ask "why the surveying of the Island is not finished" Our language"Thawama lankawa menala iwara nedda" What are the explanations,

    By Lalith Senanayake

  • The Nature of the Weather in Surveying

    When does the weather bring you back to the office?  When it's snowing?  When there's lightning?  When is it too hot, cold, windy, or otherwise not worth your effort for the day?   When do you call it quits in the field? When does it become dangerous, and when is it just not cost-effective to…

    By Scott D. Warner, PLS

  • Changing angles ????

    Hi,In 1959 a government agency bought some land and their take line was described as N 73 deg. 33 min. 40 sec. E for 682.84 feet.  The adjacent land was sold in 1984 and this same line was expressed as N 76 deg. 34 min. 56 sec. E for 682.8 feet.  How can this be the same line and the government did…

    By Roy Daniel

  • You MIGHT be a surveyor

    If you have ever used flagging as ribbon to wrap Christmas packages - You MIGHT be a surveyor...

    By Bud Short

  • Secant problems on a hp50g

    Hi guys,I am new to the hp50g. I have a uni tutorial asking me to solve the following, and I have no idea how to add the "sec" part into the equation.It is for solving the secant length of a circular curve setout.Photo below. any help would be much appreciated. This calculator is driving me…

    By Paul Vidler

  • Belgian Road Research Centre Chooses Mobile Mapping System

    The Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) has recently chosen imajbox, a mobile mapping system from imajing, to perform road network condition assessment and monitoring and keep memory of field status. imajbox can be installed on various vehicles in order to record field data which will be valuable…

    By Peter Tapken

  • Review on Bramor gEO UAV

    Hi everyone,Who knows this product? Does anyone has something to add?http://www.geo-matching.com/products/id2510-bramor-geo-uav.htmlA peer profssional has written this review"One of the best UAV systems on the market. We…

    By Peter Tapken

  • New Field Software for theodolite and total station

    Hi everyone! happy to be a part of this groupI have recently made a new application for window phones "Little Surveyor Pro", which helps with theodolites, i would like if you may give it a try, and for any improvements or changes that you think are necessary please mention, thank you   …

    By Εδουάρδος Πολίτης