• Good Surveyor vs Cheap Surveyor

    Thank you Pedro Ortiz for sharing this with me on Linkedin:…

    By Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

  • TSC2, R8 Model 3, Bluetooth issues

    Hello,I have been trying to connect a TSC2 controller to my R8 Model 3 receiver with no luck.Here are the steps I follow:1. Level tripod and turn receiver on2. Turn on TSC2, start a new job3. Go to Configuration, Controller, Bluetooth, Config4. Under Mode, I check "Turn on Bluetooth" and "Make this…

    By Nicholas F. Duncan

  • NSPS: Did You Know?

    Note of important and interesting factoid from NSPS:You may be aware that the initial version of the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for Land Title Surveys were adopted in 1962 by the American Title Association (now American Land Title Association — ALTA) and the…

    By LSU Justin

  • The use of GIS in natural Disaster management

    I am a civil engineering surveying student and I am writing my dissertation on The use of GIS in natural Disaster management side from preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. any materials or relevant books will help massively. and also case studies and future advancement that I can…

    By Thomas Simon

  • Would YOU like to be the leader of your local hub?

    Would YOU like to be the leader of your local hub?  With now well over 6800+ members from all parts of the world, our community is growing at a fast rate and need your help with moderation of your local group on Land Surveyors United.  You can see all of our …

    By ePalmetto

  • Dat Sharing, Data Catalogue, Re sell data

    Hello Everyone,I am participating in a Startup weekend in Australia and am needing to do some market validation of our concept.Currently Surveyors all over the world collect really robust accurate data of the build environment. But only the boundary surveys are catalogued at best. Would you use a…

    By Stephen Donaldson

  • What land surveyors do and for what purpose?

    One thing I do is Identify the boundarie and corpuse --- for the purpose of prepairig a plan for judicial purpose.Like to hear more things from you!

    By Lalith Senanayake

  • Here are some programs in EXCEL.

    Fellow Surveyors,I hope you find these excel spreadsheet programs helpful in your day to day surveying needs. Feel free to download them below. Enjoy

    By Pedro Hernandez

  • total station LINERTEC!?

    someone knows and works with total station LINERTEC? What have to say about that? is as good as or Sokkia and Pentax?

    By Thiago Paim

  • Your Thoughts on This Fence Planner Tool

    I recently ran across this fence planning tool and the thought occurred to me to ask you guys, the professional land surveyors of the world, what you think about such a tool. Is it troublesome or helpful?  You be the judge. I'll first tell you a little bit about it and then hand it over to you for…

    By ePalmetto