• OPUS problems (or is it me?)

    I set up my Zephyr Geodetic and 5700 receiver to collect fast static and let it sit for a couple hours - actually have done it 3 times now.  I've got the v2.32 fw on the receiver so it collects correctly in UTC.  I use the RINEX utility to create the 16o file and upload to OPUS with all the fields…

    By Dave Drahn

  • History Plat Agricultural Aquaculture Traditional Surveying

    I am looking for surveyors interested in speaking at an October 14-15 Conference in San Antonio .Submission deadline is June 10.    Specifically, I hope to find someone able to explain to a non-surveyor group (they are professors of Chinese culture and history)the following:1. Plats in traditional…

    By Bruce Jones

  • Leica GEO Office / Leica data manager

    Hi everyone a good day to all, one again im seeking for your help on where to download the leica data manager software? I am having hard time converting my gsi files fro my tps1200, hope you could help me..Thanks again for your time.

    By eric

  • Surveying 101

    Hello all, I joined the forum as I am interested in learning to survey land. I have always had an interest in surveying and mapping but have no training in the field. I am experienced in deed research and using old maps to find right of ways and boundaries. I've always been pretty successful at…

    By Kellen Bassette

  • excluded angle

    hello my friends and mr Billy how to calculate excluded angle by backsite azimuth and fore site azimuth


  • High court judgement on surveyor commissioners duties

    This is a judgement by high court,partition act in Srilanka is one of the most important act for the society.These judgements will shed light to the good practice.

    By Lalith Senanayake

  • TSC3/S8 Stakeout an alignment

    So it's midnight, there are twenty blokes watching you do your thing, ready to do their thing with their big expensive toys as soon as you're finished. The alignment you've keyed in looks OK, the controller says put the peg right here. OK... better just check that offset. What the Dickens, it…

    By Doug Tarrant

  • Elements of projection questions

    Hi allJust lookimg for some help on a couple of questions in the elements of a projection1. what is scale coefficient2. what is scale error3. what is grid scale constantany help would be greatCheersMat

    By Mat Win

  • New android app Land survey tools

    link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=topoall.landsurveytoolsA surveying application for performing topographic calculations, developed by experts in the field of surveying engineering.The target…

    By Εδουάρδος Πολίτης

  • Surveying in Mexico

    We are doing some aerial imagery work in Arizona that will require us to get some photo control points in Mexico. It would be one person with a GPS unit. Does anyone know the requirements we must follow to take the equipment in and out the same day?Thanks

    By Nick Fusco