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Professional Land Surveyors of Asia is a social support group and forum for land surveyors who work in Asian countries. Find a list of subgroups below for individual countries and states for Asia. Join those based on your location.

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List of Japanese Map Symbols (地図記号?)

  Official symbols according to the conventions of the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan appear with a circle below. Symbol GSI Meaning Unicode Description ◬ ○ Base triangulation surveying point U+25EC Dot in upward-pointing triangle   ○ Electronic triangulation point   Dot in upward-pointing triangle with flag ⊡ ○ Benchmark U+22A1 Dot in square ☼ ○ Factory U+263C White sun with rays 文 ○ Elementary or junior high school U+6587 Kanji bun   ○ High school   Kanji bun in a…

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Land Surveyors in Asia Member Map

Below you will find the Asia Surveyors member map for Land Surveyors United. View Land Surveyors United Member Map in a larger map If you find that you are not yet on this map, simply add a placemark to the member map on this page of the network and you should show up on next update. Thanks surveyors!  Update! You can now access this Surveyors in Asia Map here or edit your placemark on the member map here.

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Asia Surveying Jobs Board Comes to LSU

Yesterday, Justin added a really cool jobs board for all 50 US states which automatically pulls in the latest jobs from ALL jobs boards with available Surveying Jobs.  Today, he has added an Asian Surveying Job Board for you to bookmark and check regularly for available surveying jobs in the following Asian countries: India, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Thailand, Philippines,Taiwan,Indonisia,Turkey, Singapore and MalaysiaIf you are in a country which is not-yet supported on…

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Surveying and Mathematics in Ancient China

The Haidao Suanjing or Sea Island Mathematical Manual, is one of the "Ten Classics" of traditional Chinese mathematics, and its contents demonstrate the high standards of theoretical and mathematical sophistication present in early Chinese surveying theory. The Haidao composed in A.D. 263 by Liu Hui, established the mathematical procedures for much of East Asian surveying activity for the next one thousand years. The contents of the Haidao also testify to the ability of the Chinese to…

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Social Support Group for Asian Land Surveyors


In this group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in ASIA.

Subgroups of Surveyors of Asia include:

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