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"Roo" Tick

This is a common parasite in the Southwest of Western Australia. While not normally harmful, if left embedded in the body, or removed incorrectly can result in nasty infections or paralysis.
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  • Land Surveyor

    Yes, the best tick may win, but not with my partner!  ....must not have been the best tick because he seems to be fully recovered.  The only thing to worry about now is a relapse.  He is 62 years old and can still climb these hills and rock outcrops faster than my 41 year old carcass. :)

  • Land Surveyor

    May the best tick win?

  • Land Surveyor

    Hi Scott,

    I didn't know it was a competition :)

    I hope your friend gets well soon.

  • thanks for sharing guys..

  • whoah...

  • Land Surveyor

    This is the "Deer Tick", a common parasite in Wisconsin, USA.

    1201174218?profile=original If one of these buggers gets it hooks in you, there is approximately a 10% chance that you will contract Lyme Disease.

    1201174199?profile=original If the rash looks nasty, it is only a warning of the worst of which is yet to come.  Have a look at the disease here from Wikipedia:  Lyme disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My partner in surveying recently got "bit" by Lyme Disease.  I wish him the best.

    Australia is looking less wild once again. 

  • GEO Ambassador
    that looks like a nasty customer for sure
This reply was deleted.

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