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This GPS configuration is typically used to pick up the standard, commonly output NMEA string from a variety of receivers, including Magellan, the Sokkia GPS01 Toughbook and some brands of Trimble equipment.Sokkia GPS01 Toughbook The Sokkia GPS01 Toughbook, for example, has an integrate L1 GPS receiver using WAAS for corrections and has accuracies of 1 to 2 meters. That same unit can be connected to real-time GPS or total stations and therefore functions as a dual-use device, locating on-the-ground positions (Lat/Long, state plane, UTM) and permitting standard precision surveying.


The GPS receiver is powered on whenever the Toughbook 01 is on, and uses COM3 as the GPS port. Note the “stabilizer bar” which effectively secures the com port connection for use in the field. Some low-accuracy (10 to 50 meter) GPS outputs NMEA Lat/Long data by default and has no accurate “setting” or method. Alternately, certain accurate RTK brands of GPS, if setup with their proprietary equipment to run RTK, will transmit the NMEA string and allow SurvCE to pick up the message from the rover receiver. For this reason, NMEA has no Configure Base, Configure Rover or Receiver Utilities option. It is a “plug and play” method, which will pull from the receiver whatever position it is outputting. That Lat/Long position will respond to the transformation defined in Job Settings, GPS and will also respond to any localization file to transform it further to local coordinates.

Sokkia GPS01 Toughbook (Panasonic) Information

Below are some other helpful documents for those who would like to learn more about the Sokkia GPS01 Toughbook.
GPS01 Especificaciones
Receiver L1, C/A Code
Channels 12 parallel
Maximum Solution Update Rate 1 Position Per Second
Position Accuracy 15 meters 2D RMS, SA off 2-3 meters 2D RMS, WAAS corrected
Satellite Reacquisition Time 100ms
Snap Start <2 seconds
Dimensions (w x l x h [mm]) 98mm x 35mm x 84mm
Weight 100g
Power Consumption 150mA
Operating Temperature -20° C to +50° C
Storage Temperature -25° C to +60° C
Información Que ordena
5262-01 Sokkia GPS01 PC Field System
5262-02 Sokkia GPS01 PC Field System with 512 MB Compact Flash Memory Card Installed
5262-03 Sokkia GPS01 PC Field System with 1 GB Compact Flash Memory Card Installed
Each Supplied with: Windows CE V3.0 OS, Serial Auto sync Cable, Charging and Interface Cradle, Battery, A/C Adapter and Charger, Carrying Strap,
Operator's Manual & Other Support Information
GPS01 and Panasonic Toughbook 01 Accessory Items
5261-31 Charging and Interface Cradle for GPS01 and Toughbook 01*
5261-32 AC adapter for GPS01 and Toughbook 01w/power cord*
5261-33 Lithium Ion Battery for GPS01 and Toughbook 01*
5261-34 USB Device Cable for GPS01 and Toughbook 01
5261-35 USB Auto Sync Cable for GPS01 and Toughbook 01
5261-36 Serial Device Cable for GPS01 and Toughbook 01
5261-37 Serial Auto Sync Cable for GPS01 and Toughbook 01*
5261-38 Charging Cradle for GPS01 and Toughbook 01 Lithium Ion Battery
5261-39 Replacement Stylus for GPS01 and Toughbook 01*
* = supplied with GPS01 and Toughbook 01
Field Accessories
5261-30 GPS01 Holster Case w/Shoulder Strap
5261-40 GPS01 Truck Mount Complete w/12 VDC Hard Wired Power Supply
Consisting of
5261-41 BASE MOUNT: Floor Mount
5261-42 Nine Inch Pole Bottom
5261-43 12" Swing Arm w/Collar & Handle
5261-44 Tilt Swivel Device
5261-45 Special Dock For Sokkia
5261-46 DC/DC Power Supply w/Hard Wire Kit
5261-47 Voltage Protection Unit
5161-48 Direct From The Battery DC Wire Harness
Sokkia GPS01 hand held GPS
id="ecwid-price-5378310">$1 200.00

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