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Employing the best data collection system in the world greatly simplifies surveying life. With 800MHz processing power Windows mobile device, Nautiz X7 provides elegance, versatility, dependability, and sustainability that are never possible using conventional tools and accessories. Merely depending on on-board applications in this Leica Flexline total station is a way inferior than employing Fieldgenius 2011 running in Nautiz X7.
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  • Kakapoy rag survey! Sabayan na lag pangitag tuko! hahahaha!

  • hahahaha.. maayo diay na na sideline ang tuko bai no? maka tyamba ug dako dako na tuko undang na ug survey.

  • hahahahahaha! laliman kag makakita pa lag milyon2 nga tuko di babay survey na!

  • lubi man lagi ang gitanaw? bacg naa tuko dha!!! hahaha!!

  • Yes, it has alphanumeric keyboards on two faces.

  • I hope that is Leica TS version does have an external keyboard?
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