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  • Yeah if the truth be known in most cases that minute measurement (is minyoote spelled correctly?) wouldn't matter anyway. I suppose I could've just said little bit. As surveyors you know the nature of your work and the accuracy needed. We should try to be as accurate as humanly possible anyway though, you might later realize you want to use that setup to set additional control or traverse. I think this can be a good addition to the job file. Take a picture and capture the actual name or stamping to add to the file as further proof if needed. Anyhow back to the subject you did get a good crisp image with detail.

    Thanks for all the comments, you are completely right the rod is off-center, This was just to identify the BM. This BM was used for the control of the National Levee Database done for the Little Rock District in Arkansas. I along with other team members did the GIS and Survey of this project while working for PBS&J.


  • Dang Carlos. I hate to have to say it man but it looks to me like you're off the mark by about 0.007 of a foot. Maybe the rodman needs to have his eyeglass prescription checked. HA HA Just kidding around, I'm sure precise control accuracy wasn't the point of the photograph. I'm surprised by the comment though, if that might be a popular pic, I can get many. Some are in cool spots. I know of 3 geodetic benchmarks that are only good for vetical control as they are set in the vertical face of buildings. One in the chimney of a hotel on the beach just got covered by a new wall added for an elevator. Another that was in a driveway recently got destroyed when the lot owner tore out the old driveway and added a new one. I live along the Atlantic Ocean and there have been many set as control for the Coastal Construction Control Line. Most of these were set in the late 70' and early 80's and quite a few have been destroyed due to new construction. They have lettering or stamping stating that it is a $250 fine for the destruction of this survey marker but most people don't pay that much attention or just don't care. If they happen to be in the line of fire when it comes to new construction most people are unaware that you can call the agency that owns the survey marker and they will give legal permission to destroy the marker. The agency would like a chance to go out to the site and transfer the datum or offset the marker or otherwise establish some manner of being able to record or replace the point. Of course, pretty much whoever you might be, you cannot hold up construction due to a petty little survey marker, so hopefully, a week's notice would be enough for a crew to get out to the site and take care of the required field work before the point is lost. Although I've never seen that happen around here. I guess it's just not cost effective to do that and, at least along the coast here, there are plenty more still here to use. I've heard that the Army Corps of Engineers, in the past, would establish thier control at night, by triangulation. I believe this would have been due to heat shimmer or maybe you could just see a light further away at night, I'm not sure. I've seen 2 , I believe they were Corps of Engineers monuments, in the marsh near our airport that were dated in the 1920's. They where named Amelia No. 1 and Amelia No. 2 and it seems like I could not find published data for them. Wow, I could go on for a while but I better stop. I'll see if I can get some good pictures for the site. You did get a good shot of that monument though Carlos. Looks like someone painted it orange. Too close to tell but many that were set also had a fiberglass, metal or carsonite witness post near them.
  • Nice!!!
  • GEO Ambassador
    beautiful shot Carlos!
  • GEO Ambassador
    beautiful shot Carlos!
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