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Land Surveying Photos CollectionSince 2007, Land Surveyors around the world have shared their best Surveying Photos from the field. Inside this collection you can transport yourself to virtually any location on Earth and see how Land Surveyors work, types of equipment being used and environmental challenges associates with being a land surveyor in that location.

Location Based Chapter Hubs also have photos specific to the locations they represent. You can use our Surveyor Apps for quick sharing of your photos from the field.

Note: Members who have uploaded their photos of surveying to this collection can also move their photos to location based hubs. To see how, follow this tutorial.

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National Surveyors Week 2023

During this week, there are many ways that surveyors can use this time to strengthen our beloved profession. Here are a few ideas:

Share your knowledge and experience with others. Offer to mentor a young surveyor or provide advice to someone just starting out in the industry.

Participate in local surveyor events and activities to raise awareness of the importance of surveying. Amplify the message by uploading photos and videos to your Local Chapter Hubs inside Land Surveyors United, showcasing the similarities and differences among working environments across the great USA. Here is where you can add your local surveyor events to increase participation and extend your networking efforts.

Educate the public and one another. This could include speaking to school groups, attending career fairs, or volunteering at a community event. If you are an educator, start your own classroom hub and teach a course. Tap into close to 21,000 land surveyors and you'll be surprised how many will be interested in what you have to share.

Connect with other surveyors in your area by Joining and introducing yourself inside your Local Hub. Organize and attend networking events or even better, be the first in your chapter to organize a real life meet-up with other surveyors to discuss industry trends and best practices. You will be surprised how much your career will advance through this type of meetup. Here are the group chapters for all 50 states.

Let's use this week to celebrate our achievements as surveyors and promote the value we bring to our communities. I encourage all of you to get involved in any way you can and help strengthen our profession.

Let's Celebrate the Land Surveyors of United States of America!

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