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My 1st instrument

My 1st instrument
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    I have a Wild T2 but I see that they are both almost identical as shape and form.

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    Here is the Wild T2 Manual and Instruction book:



  • Cool. Reminds me of a T2 I used. I also used the T 16.
  • Its a Wild T-1 Theodolite I started on. Its a 20 second gun that you read the angles from a vernier scale that is illuminated by a swivel mirror on the side that you can open and swivel to face the sun to reflect light into the vernier scale. The scale only read to the closest 20 seconds, so you had to interpolate between them and chain your distances. This makes for learning to be real good at interpolation so that your traverses closed :) I love this instrument, sometimes I would prefer to have this than any total station. Later, we were able to add a "piggy-back" EDM on top when the bolts were mounted on top. From there, this eliminated chaining anything over 100'. We would just reduce the slope distance it shot by the vertical angle to get the true horizontal distance. An amazing and accurate instrument!
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    wanna tell everyone some info about this Wild T-1? nice instrument!
  • Wild T-1
  • kern or wild ?
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