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Turn Your Google Docs into a Fax Machine

What is the most inexpensive (or free) option for sending and receiving faxes online?  I get this type of questions all of the time.  Today, thanks to Amit, I'll show you how to turn your google docs account into a fax machine for close to free!

While there are dozens of web-based services that let you send and receive faxes from the computer without requiring a fax machine, Interfax goes one step further – it turns your Google Docs into a complete fax machine.

You just have to connect your Google Docs account with Interfax and once the link is enabled, you can fax any of your existing Google Docs documents, or spreadsheets, to any fax number in the world right from the browser. You may even send the same Google Docs file to multiple fax machines in one go – remember to separate the different fax numbers / Google Contact names by commas.

The cost for sending faxes from Google Docs varies according to the destination country and the length of the document. For instance, if you are to send a fax to US, the cost would be 13¢ per page, 15¢ for UK while a single page fax to an Indian number would cost you 60¢. There’s no monthly fee for sending faxes though you’ll have to buy minimum credits for $10.


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  • The goal is to get a fax number that others can use to fax you and be able to fax others too.  I lost my fax# several times until I found a way to fax that number from to keep is the fax# from expiring and having to get another number.  Now if I could find a way to get an automatic fax to my number every 3-6 day interval. 

  • To economize even further I went to to get a free fax number so people can fax me.  I have to get a within every 7 days to keep the free fax number or renew it with a different number they will give you if you do not get a fax to that number in that period.   So I go to to send a fax within that period so I can keep that number.  It is a bit of work but I save the 12-13$ a month which is what I paid with efax which took over fax from CallWave.   FaxBetter has offered 60% off of their already lower monthly cost but I don not get enough faxes anymore to make it worth it.   

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