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Time Map land surveyors

Old Maps Online, MapTiler, and the David Rumsey Map Collection have collaborated to launch, an innovative interactive world map. This tool allows you to delve into the history of human civilization over the past 6,000 years, providing a unique resource for professional land surveyors to explore the evolution of geographical boundaries, historical figures, and significant events that shaped our world.

TimeMap Highlights:

  • Extensive Historical Coverage: TimeMap offers access to over half a million vintage maps, providing rich visual and contextual data.
  • Four Main Views:
    • Regions: Explore the changing borders of countries and regions from 4000 BC to the present using the timeline control.
    • Rulers: View the names of emperors, kings, queens, and other notable rulers, updated dynamically as you adjust the timeline.
    • People: Discover notable individuals from various periods, with names appearing on the map based on the selected date.
    • Battles: Examine the locations and details of military conflicts throughout history.

Enhanced Historical Context: TimeMap leverages Wikipedia to provide in-depth context for the historical data. Clicking on any map label—whether a place name, ruler, battle, or notable individual—will direct you to the relevant Wikipedia entry for more detailed information.

Vintage Map Integration: By clicking the 'Maps' button (located at the top-right of the interface), you can access a sidebar displaying all available historical maps for your current view and selected year. These vintage maps, when overlaid on the main map, offer snapshots of the world at various points in history. This feature enables you to visualize the transformation of borders, the rise and fall of empires, and the growth of cities over time. Moreover, these maps serve as important historical artifacts, reflecting the cartographic knowledge and techniques of their respective eras.

Why TimeMap is Essential for Land Surveyors: is an invaluable tool for professional land surveyors, providing a comprehensive historical perspective that enhances understanding of current geographical boundaries and historical developments. It offers a detailed visualization of how territories have evolved, aiding in the analysis of historical land use and settlement patterns.

Explore today and enrich your professional practice with this remarkable historical resource.

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