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State Plane Conversion to Long/Lat with These Tools

To answer Gary's question in the comments, I have dug up a few tools for simple conversion of State Plane Coordinates to Longitude/Latitude.

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  • Survey Legend

    awesome... a few of these no longer exist but there are a few that are quite awesome..

  • Wow, what a load of resources. Now we need a sheet with all the links on it in txt format so we can download it and put in on our server or backup media under CoordinateSystems. I still have not see a spread sheet with the tools built into it for the conversion but I am more hopeful that there is someone out there who has one to share. Thanks.
    • GeoEducator

      State Plane Coordinates

      The State Plane Coordinate system provides coordinates
      on a flat grid for easy computation while maintaining
      a difference between geodetic and grid distance of
      one part in 10,000 or better.

      The State Plane Coordinate system divides the U.S. into
      a hundred or more distinct grid surfaces (Zones).

      Do not mix coordinates from one Zone with that in another.
      In you need to cross Zone boundaries, use Geodetic Positions.

      The utilities in this package provide methods for converting
      between Geodetic Positions and State Plane Coordinates
      or for finding an SPC Zone.

      For more information about the State Plane Coordinate System contact:
      The National Geodetic Survey Information Services Branch
      phone: (301) 713-3242; Fax:(301) 713-4172 [Mon.-Fri., 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST]

      See the text version of an article about computing State Plane Coordinates that appeared in the Professional Surveyor magazine, January 2004 Volume 24, Number 1

      Found Here and another great tool here and here Gary
    • GeoEducator
      This may be close to what you're looking for..
    • GeoEducator
      ill need to look into it a little further but this method seems like a viable option
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