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MegaConverter and MegaCalculator Make Conversions a Snap

Another great tool for surveyors to use online is the MegaConverter, which is quite impressive, to say the least. In their own words: This is a world favorite educational and research site, giving you an easier to use interface, with more converters, more features and quicker access. 

To the left you will note the two select boxes and the dial. Converter modules can be chosen in a variety of ways. You can use the pop-down select boxes to choose the converter you need. You can spin the dial and click on the image when you have found the converter you want. Or, you can enter a converter's unique number into the text box and click 

You may need to stop or edit your popup blocker to use certain parts of this site. It works with most popular browsers but there are some problems with the Safari browser. 


The authors of this site also have a MegaResources page and a powerful MegaCalculator- apparently, the worlds most powerful online calculator.
What kind of tools have you found online worthy of a surveyor's toolbox?

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