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Take a look at this guys..Imagine a day, when Facebook, Twitter, Land Surveyors United or even internet and cellular communication is blocked in your country due to some reason. We have seen this happen. How do then people communicate and spread their voices?

As you all know, Bluetooth is a technology standard that does not require internet or cellular network. Harnessing this fact, is an android app called SplinterNet. It fashions a peer to peer communication network over Bluetooth.

SplinterNet - screenshot thumbnailSplinterNet - screenshot thumbnail

Once you actuate this app, it asks for your permission to make phone discoverable to up to 300 other users. Once done, whenever you sync your messages it floats to nearby SplinterNet users and then it hops from device to device with user permission of course. This is a beautiful example of technology for society, hope it doesn’t work to spread rumours and panic though.

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    this is pretty cool..i learned more about Splinternet

    How It Works

    SplinterNet is a true peer-to-peer network in that it requires physical proximity to other people to transmit messages. In the current version this happens over a close range Bluetooth connection. To illustrate how SplinterNet works, here is an example scenario:

    • You take a picture of a construction site happening near your home.
    • While surveying the government shuts down cellular and Internet access to most citizens.
    • You write a short message about the site in SplinterNet and attach the picture.
    • When you next meet with your collegues, you sync SplinterNet with them. They now have your photo and will spread it to their friends.
    • You also now have all their messages, which includes photos taken of construction projects happening in other parts of the country.
    • Any person who can reach a working Internet connection can post all of these photos to any sharing service or send directly to Land Surveyors United to publicize.
    • If you end up hating the pictures, you can press a single button and all the messages in your copy of SplinterNet are deleted.


    • Create a post with text and an optional single image.
    • Mark posts as important to increase their spread within the network. These posts will be sent first during syncing and will be highlighted for the people you sync with.
    • Delete posts to stop their spread. The contents of the network reflect what users of the network think is important and appropriate. You don't have to spread anything you don't want to.
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