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Are you ready to save some time and automate a few normal surveyor tasks?  A few months back, I showed you 3 Genius ways to Automate your Surveying tasks with IFTTT and today I am going to show you a few moreways to save time.

Today's recipes deal primarily with automating tasks and saving them inside google spreadsheets automatically for later reference and retrieval.

IFTTT recipes for surveyors log rainRain can be our worst enemy. but that doesn't mean we can't keep track of it! Log Rain in Your City to a Spreadsheet as it Happens

IFTTT recipes for surveyors log work time to spreadsheet

Keeping track of your time at the jobsite doesn't have to happen on scratch paper. Automate it with this recipe for Logging your time at work to a spreadsheet. If you are an Android phone user, try this recipe which will notice when you've hit the jobsite. IFTTT recipes for surveyors log wifi connections Working outside in random locations can make establishing a WiFi connection difficult and unreliable. You can help yourself out a lot by logging your connections automagically to a spreadsheet. Linkedin may not seem very important to you, but those who use it know that it is one of the most important place to stay in touch with professional connections (other than LSU of course). If you've been looking for a way to archive your Linkedin connections to a spreadsheet for easy access, this is the recipe for you.. While on Linkedin, you can connect with other surveyors on our Land Surveyors United Group and follow our company too!

[Many more IFTTT recipes for Surveyors over here]

Please let us know if you find these to be useful..

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