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Surveyors Malaysia is a support and sharing group for land surveyors who work in Malaysia to share experiences with surveying in Malaysia.

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Introduce Yourself to Malaysian Surveying Group

Tget things started off on the right foot in Malaysia Land Surveyors Group, why not everyone introduce themselves to the group. Tell us what part of Malaysia you live in and the type of surveying that you do day to day. By letting the other member know the types of land surveying work you do and the types of equipment you use, it will be of great help to you in the future when you are in position to possibly support each other in the field. Feel free to express yourself in any language you…

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Malaysia Land Surveyors Group

Surveyors Malaysia is a support and sharing group for land surveyors who work in Malaysia to share experiences with surveying in Malaysia.

Tips for Malaysia Land Surveyors Group

How This Group Works:

1)If you have a question you'd like to ask the group, simply start a new discussion in this group. Make your discussion topic as detailed as possible and consider adding images, videos and/or documents to support your question.

2)If you have something you'd like to share with the group such as a tutorial on how to run a piece or equipment or update your software, for example, start a new discussion and the other members of the group will automatically be notified by email of your discussion

3)It is very important to be as descriptive as possible when giving TITLES, DESCRIPTIONS and subject TAGS to posts in all groups on the site, because there are language differences throughout the site. In order for text to translate into an understandable format (for example from Malay to English or vice versa) it is necessary to be as detailed as possible when creating explanations and so other members can find and comment on your content.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN and enjoy sharing your life as a professional land surveyor in Malaysia. We all hope to learn from the ways you work.


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  • Student Surveyor

    Of course we are implemented field to finish here. how about your state. and what is your most popular total station manufacturer there.

  • Seeking Employment

    in cadastre survey

  • Seeking Employment

    Hello fellow Malaysian  surveyors , i just want to know whether Field to Finish have been implemented in your state

  • Please let me know if there is any surveying work im doing freelance survey job. Thanks

  • of course we can... ; )
  • Salam,,

    Of course we can IA,jzkllah for the reminder, this is after all an international site..If you don't mind me asking, are you a Muslim?


  • hey guys, can we use english please! jazaakallahu kair.


  • saya dah invite bnyk orang, tapi tak ada sambutan lagi lah en. AR Deraman.
  • Salam semua.. ada 3 orang,sekarang sudah jadi 4...mana list member2 ni??
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