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Hello All,


Great Group here.


Just wondering what some of you find to be the most effective type of articles and topics to post on Social Media to promote your selves, and where you go to get information for them.

I'm thinking of putting up a "weekly" article on my website Blog (and hence my Facebook, Twitter, Google) accounts, but I really seem stuck for ideas. Any suggestions on what has worked for you?

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  • Thanks Scott,


    Great Ideas. Sorry for the late reply, I have been working on a mine-site up North for the last week with NO phone or internet... it was a pain.

    Great suggestions, I think I might use some of them. :)

    Hope all is going well for you.

  • What is a Land Surveyor and Why might you need one?

    How can a Land Surveyor help you plan your land development project?

    Aren't all Land Surveyors the same?  Why not go with the lowest cost estimate?

    Why can't two Land Surveyors ever agree on the same corner location?

    I am paying flood insurance for my house because my lender says I am "mapped into a flood plain"  but  it's at least 20 feet higher than the river below and the whole area flooded 2 years ago, but the water never got even close to my house.  How can a Land Surveyor help me?

    -Just a few suggestions

  • Thanks Justin,


    I have imported the feed to my page, and the other points you make I have already begun with the exception of point 2.

    I am not too sure on how to do this, "continue it on your blog" in particular is what confuses me, do I add this page to my feed source or what?

  • Party Chief

    Your take on anything current in the surveying industry is always good.  However, my approach has always been to post on topics which are on the minds of everyone in the surveying industry in general.  Here are a few tips and I am always near to answer any further questions you have..


    Blog Tips off the top of my head:

    ~Import your blog's RSS feed into the sidebar of your LSU profile.

    ~Start a conversation on LSU and continue it on your blog then come back to LSU and link to the article on your blog

    ~Create a facebook page about your adventures and import your blog to it.  Find other surveyors on Facebook and invite them to your will have shared interests

    ~Anticipate problems that other surveyors may be having and suggest ways of dealing with them including photos and video when possible...upload your photos and video to LSU to save your bandwidth and embed them in your blog


    Here is a post i wrote a while back on Being a News Maker in the surveying industry


    Good Luck Darren

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