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Professional Land Surveyors of Africa is a social support group and forum for land surveyors who live and work in African countries.
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Benchmarks& Land Governance in Africa

Came across some helpful information for those in Africa who are participating inSurvey Earth in a Day in June.  The International Land Coalition provides a great document about Benchmarks& Land Governance in Africa. Throughout Africa, democratic land governance systems are key for both protecting the rights of diverse communities and creating a stable economic environment for investment.  In an effort to encourage their effective development, the African Union established  the Framework and…

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Regional Surveyor Bans Activities of Free Land Surveyors

The Deputy Regional Surveyor South, Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, Joseph John Kpanabom has said recently in Bo that all free land surveyors should with immediate effect cease operations in the Southern Region.  These Surveyors, Mr. Kpanabom reiterated have no legitimate authority to carry out surveying exercises,  nor are they employees of  the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.   He warned that any free land surveyor who contravenes this order…

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I personally think that land problems in Africa and in particular Kenya, were started by the colonialists. In Kenya's case, the Queens administration awarded Her loyalist PRIME land and even displaced certain communities like can be seen in COAST and RIFT VALLEY. Most landless Kenyans have been rendered as squatters in their own land. Now, I suggest that the same QUEEN family should undo what SHE started in order that land problems are solved amicably in Kenya and indeed the rest of Africa…

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