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Avoid These SEO Mistakes Like the Plague

Here today to offer a little guidance and some general tips for making your surveying company website better, by avoiding these common SEO (search engine optimization) mistakes.  Following these simple tips will make your website show up higher in search engines and give you that competitive edge that you need to rank high in local search.  With that said, do not do any of the following.

1.    Hiding content inside images
If you type some important information on top of an image, don't expect search engines to read the text.  You're wasting your time.  In the early days of the web some webmasters would display their content inside the images. This is no longer a good practice.  Search engines will not be able to read the content inside images.  It is good however to indicate what the image is about through naming the file properly.  For example, if you have a picture of a surveyor working in Wisconsin, you could name the image file something like  surveyor_working_wisconsin.jpg  and the search engines will get a better idea of the content in the image.
2.    Use excessive Java Script/AJAX
Search Engines can’t understand JavaScript/Ajax. So chance to getting index is less with excessive number of Java script/AJAX. Use HTML/CSS instead of Java/AJAX.  Do not hide your content within javascript, if you plan to have it indexed.
3.    Use Flash only websites
Flash files are movies which search engines have a difficult time understanding. Even though the Flash can make an exciting blog, search engines can’t read the content or text inside the flash files. You can make up your blog by flash scripts but never add your content inside the flash scripts. Use HTML instead of flash for best results.
4.    Usage of Search engine friendly URLs rather than human friendly URLs.
Don’t use unrelated URLs. Use appropriate URL which can describe your content. Don’t worry about the length of the URL. Take a look at the photos on Land Surveyors United and you'll notice that by adding relevant titles to photos when you upload them, you get more relevant URLs and search engines have a better understanding of the content of the photos.
5.    Use automated directory submission software
Automated search engine submission serves actually hurt you, not help you.  Never use automated software for search engine or directory submission. They will most likely always be considered as spam. Your blog will get banned from those directories. So, always use manual submission as an alternative. Submit to well-established directories by using unique Titles and Descriptions. Then they will not be considered as copies.
6.    Link exchange programs
Most of the time this is a time wasting program.  No value. You will get nothing. Other thing is your link will be removed after few days without informing you. We have this as an option on Land Surveyors United, but it is a slow mover.  I really would like to see more surveyors get involved in this, but you have to have a website first!
7.    Use the same meta title and meta description in every page of the blog
Once you use same title and Meta descriptions for all the posts the search engines will consider all the posts as one post. Then your whole site will not index. So always use different metatags for every post.  But never use inappropriate Meta descriptions. Place key words inside the content in natural language-the same meta keywords you add to the metatags.
8.    Use unnecessary key words and usage of excessive key words
Develope your niche by using less competitive keywords rather than using high competitive key words. Then you can get instant traffic from search engines. Use Google Adword key word tool to find appropriate key words/  Don't cram them all into one post.  Make several posts about different aspects of the same or similar keywords so that your content covers more ground.
9.    Usage of wrong key words
Your key words should ALWAYS match with your content. Key words should summarize the content of your article and give the reader a better idea of not only what your blog or site is about, but also what YOU are all about.
10. Copying someone else’s content and paste it on your site
Are you crazy?  Never do this, because your site will be penalized by search engines. If you blogging on the blogger platform, Google will ban your blog as well.  Not only that, you will eventually become known as a thief and no one wants to read a blog written stolen by a thief.
11. Poor quality content
If you're going to write, write.  Use proper punctuation and clear concise sentences.  Your content should be high in quality and developed for your reader. Low quality and duplicated content is penalizing by search engines andwill get you absolutely nothing if you're just posting that type of content.  
12. Poor site navigation
Your visitors should be able to get to any page on your site within 2 clicks.  Make your navigation intuitive to your readers.  This is a constant process if you are regularly adding pages or if your site is fairly large, like Land Surveyors United.  Your content and navigation should be most prominent rather than your ads. Pop-up windows should be used rarely if at all.  Your navigation bar should give links to the most important pages on your site and those pages should always have relevant content and links to other pages.  Avoid linking to dead end pages.
13. Irrelevant links
Would you ever put links to a steak house on your surveying company site?  I think not.  The links on your site should be directly related to your tailored content and those links should lead to the relevant pages, without taking your visitors to some unrelated link outside of your site.  If you want to give props to a local construction company site, that's a different story.  Just be sure to ask them to link back to you for the holy grail reciprocal link.
14. Expectation of quick results
SEO is neither guaranteed nor a quick way to increase traffic to your blog. It is a gradual and time consuming process and practice.  Anyone claiming to be able to take you to page one of Google in a short amount of time is LYING TO YOU.  No one can guarantee you a particular search engine placement..they just want your money.  Also if you decide to contract someone to SEO your site for you, you must first choose someone who understands the TYPE of content you plan to display. You need to be patience with your SEO in order to get results and treat your SEO buddy as your best friend instead of someone who works for you. This way they gain a better understanding of just exactly what you do, enabling them to see flaws in your competition's site and at times rise above them using details.  At times, it can take weeks to months to get the desired effect. So you should have sustained motivation to work on SEO.  TIP:  Posting interesting topics inside your local group forum here on LSU will give you a boost due to the geolocation aspect of the groups on this site.
These are the most common mistakes done by most of the webmasters. You must pay your attention on each and every point above mentioned while you are promoting your website.

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