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My greetings to all the members of this group, i think i can still wish you all happy new year in arrears.I did a Topo. Survey between Zone 31P and Zone 32 P using Epoch 25 RTK System, i chose WGS 84 Zone 32 N as the Coordinate System ( the only best option i could find in Survey Pro 5.4), while my Vertical Datum was EGM96. I started the Survey from Zone 32P then surveyed towards and across Zone 31P. Now,the plane coordinates in Zone 32 P were correct but the ones in 31P recorded by the equipment were absolutely off. What i discovered was that the equipment continued the coordinate system in 32P into 31P. Example: surveying from 32P to 31P, having plane coordinates of 175756.13m E, 1413560.13m N in 32P, then shortly into 31P, i was still having something like 165667.43m E, 1423444.00 instead of having something like 821012.39m E,1412192.90m N.The System did not capture the coordinate system in Zone 31P. Though, the geographic coordinates were all correct throught the zones.
What could have happened to the plane coordinates?

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