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Spectra Precision Support Group is a Surveyor 2 Surveyor support group and forum for surveyors who use Spectra Precision Instruments.  Welcome to this hub where you can ask questions, share photos and videos and more.

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Land Surveyor

Spectra Epoch 50

Can anyone speak to the functionality of these receivers with some tree cover? Are they a solid reliable affordable choice? Looking at buying an s6 with a spectra s3 and 2 epoch 50 receivers to pair. Want to hear opinions on how well these receivers will work for everyday use at a small new company?

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Student Surveyor

Tropospheric correction model applied in GNSS Solutions

Hello community!!!I am yet a novice in the surveying profession who has been using GNSS Solutions from Spectra Precision for post-processing data for less than a year. During a recent discussion with an older and more experienced surveyor, the question of tropospheric correction in commercial baseline processing software packages came up and I was (actually am still are) not knowledgeable about the tropospheric correction model used in GNSS Solutions. I would on this note like to seek any…

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New Total Station, New surveyor

I've bought my first total station and it's Spectra precision Focus 8 2"What's the first things I need to doDo I need to calibrate it , is there any settings I need to adjust to start my surveying workHow can I register my TS to get support that's will be my start with survey Is there any advises for me??at last I want to know if I can connect my TS with my smartphone via Bluetooth I try to connect it and it worked but what then can I transfer files for example

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Spectra Precision Videos

Reporting: Wall - QML XT
Reporting: Ceilings
Reporting: Points - QML XT
Reset Pairing - QML XT
Quick Stake - QML XT
Measure Functions - QML XT
Snap Mode Part 2 - QML XT
Snap Mode - QML XT

Spectra Precision Support Group and Discussion Forum

Spectra Precision Support Group is a Surveyor 2 Surveyor support group and forum for surveyors who use Spectra Precision Instruments

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  • Survey Pro Setup of Pacific Crest ADL Pro radio with Spectra Precision Epoch 50 Receivers?  Anyone know a support company that can be hired to help setup?

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