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How to perform Rtk on Epoch 25

I'm a fresh graduate and new to LSU,i'm learning how to use the epoch 25rtk.I have read some manuals but still couldnt use it effectively and itseems complicated.I would like to know if my procedure of starting thertk survey is the right way.My procedure:First step,after setting the instrument up (both the base and the roverreceiver), i will connect the data collector to the base, open thesurvey pro and open a new job from the file menu,give a name to it,thenthe system will ask if i would like to retain the previous projectionwhich include the datum and zone.Then i would accept the projection,since that is what i want, then a page comes up, where i can fillin;point name,coordinates (N & E),Elevation and description.I willprovide the coordinate and elevation of the point where the base is setup if they are readily available or i feed it with handheld gpscoordinate and elevation of the base receiver point and that would beall for the new job file.Second step, i will go to job menu, tap setting and configure the basereceiver and also the radio,the medium i use for base-rovercommunication.Third step, still connected to the base receiver, i'll go to survey menuand tap on "set base",where i will provide the height of the basereceiver and click ok, a page will show up where i can check a radiobutton to either set the base on existing point or on a new point, i donot really understand this part well, if i set it on existing point andaccess the point from the list,the point on the new job file shows upand i'll tap on it but can't remember if the system always accepts thatpoint or not,because most often i go for "set the base on a new point"and from there,the system will take me to a page where i need toconfigure the rover.I would remove the data collector from the base, connect torover,configure it.Then to Survey menu,tap on"set the rover",the systemwill automatically get the base position,after that, the height of therover is fed to the system and i tap ok.Then,it would ask me to perform resection to 1 or 2 controls to solvehorizontal controls and 3 controls for vertical, this atimes make me togive up because of non availability of that numbers of controls.Now;1) I want to know if the procedure is right to perform RTK, and if not,could someone help me out.2) If one feeds in coordinates and the system says the specified pointis out of the coordinate system or grid map,what does that mean.3) Is there any much difference between the RTK and Post processingsurvey.4) Does it mean rtk gps cannot work on a site where control points arenot easily to come by.5) Which is better to use between ground coordinate & map coordinateprojections.Pls, i need your help guys.

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    tell me if this guide might be of more help to you

    • Thanks so much for that.

      I was looking for how to define my origin in a site where there is no control. A new job creation on survey pro asks you to define the position of the base, but since no control point on the site, what coordinates and elevation should i input in the field when new job creation demands for it, or is it the default that i will leave there.

      The coordinates you input and the elevation is what the base will use as its origin, i think when you do not define any projection and datum.

      However, if the survey cannot be carried out that way,then it means one has  to at least look for a control in the vicinity of that site and transfer it  to the site

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