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North Carolina Surveyors Group is a support group forum NCSS members, professional land surveyors and LSU members who live and survey in the state of North Carolina, USA. Tell us what it is like to survey in North Carolina!

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Navigating the Tar Heel State: A Comprehensive Exploration of North Carolina's Surveying Heritage

North Carolina's surveying history is a tapestry woven with threads of exploration, settlement, and boundary definition, reflecting the state's diverse geography and rich cultural heritage. From the early colonial expeditions to the present-day urban centers and rural landscapes, surveying has played a fundamental role in shaping North Carolina's identity and development. This comprehensive exploration into North Carolina's surveying legacy unveils notable surveyors, landmark surveys, the…

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Land Surveyor

Info business startup.

I'm in the process of creating a Small Surveying Business (Think one man LLC)  and am looking for some direction as to what "behind the scenes" type of paperwork I'll need to make things run smooth.  For Example:I know I need to get the LLC licensed from, and register the LLC with the NC Secretary of State. I would like some direction about insurance (I plan to work with Local Government and State ... as well as private individuals) Any and all helpful advice is greatly…

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Land Surveyor

Obtaining Highway Right-of-Way maps for 30+/- roads on a +/- 50' (can't say) right-of-way corridor...

   I am working on a 25' to 50' right-of-way corridor crossing three (3) counties & two (2) NCDOT Divisions for approx. 50 Miles in western NC. Because of nondisclosure agreements this is the best description I can provide. Is there someone that can give some advice on looking up 30+/- roads? If they have a recorded R/W agreement, what would be the most efficient way of getting those said R/W documents? When I call a NCDOT (x) Division right-of-way agent they are none too happy with me asking…

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GEO Ambassador

Find Historic Maps of North Carolina

Where to Find Historic Maps of North Carolina The Historic Overlay Maps project includes the Compleat Map of North-Carolina from 1770, the First Actual Survey of North Carolina from 1808 and an 1884 Map of the Cherokee Nation. The collection also includes many historic North Carolina county maps. For example, take a look at    This particular map is overlay of a Google map, like this: (and for your convenience you can download the KML file and open in Google Earth)

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In this group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in the state of North Carolina.

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Board Rules (Title 21, Chapter 56, NCAC) New Board Rules Revisions 05/01/09

North Carolina Engineering and Land Surveying Act (NCGS 89C)

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Mapping Requirements (NCGS 47-30)

Professional Corporation Act (NCGS 55B)



Association - North Carolina Society of Surveyors, Inc.

North Carolina Office of Archives and History

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