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   I am working on a 25' to 50' right-of-way corridor crossing three (3) counties & two (2) NCDOT Divisions for approx. 50 Miles in western NC. Because of nondisclosure agreements this is the best description I can provide. Is there someone that can give some advice on looking up 30+/- roads? If they have a recorded R/W agreement, what would be the most efficient way of getting those said R/W documents? When I call a NCDOT (x) Division right-of-way agent they are none too happy with me asking for all the project numbers and/or Deed Book and Pg for so many addresses. Also it is very difficult to provide nearest road crossings with this type of R/W. It would help if I could better understand DOT's Project No. system...

   Last year I had a similar project that took an entire month to track down only 15 highway Rights-of-ways... On a side note. Roads that have only back of ditch -to- back of ditch maintenance access. I.e. No R/W, My question is there a way to call out a constant width? Example, 40', 45', 50', 60'.


Thanks for any advice.

Robert J. White

[email protected]

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