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GPS PROS Group Forum is for any member of LSU that is a professional land surveyor using primarily GPS in the field. Geodetic / Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Get help and offer support with survey grade GPS!

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GPS Verticle hit and Miss ???

Comment by Jim 1 second ago Delete Comment Verticle, GPS is seems undesirable at times. 1/4" - 2' variables. Not good when your putting in Pavement grades, our control. Any one have insight here. I have had time of hitting right on but the hit and mi

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Data Link for your GNSS System

Is the CELL Phone really the Achilles Heel of your GNSS Geo Station?Unfortunately, there is no magic solution. Your coverage is limited by the service provider that you have chosen to use. In speaking with some infrastructure people at Trimble, their

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Repeater Set Up?

Hello, could someone please walk me through configuring and setting up a repeater? I have a Pacific Crest HPB450 radio. I have a lot of options for GPS equipment...we have a R7, 5700,5800,4800.... trimark3's....multiple antenna types. We can also con

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HTC Android GPS Apps


I want a free or low priced GPS app or program that will show and store bread crumb "trails" to the SD card.  I will use it on an Android Desire Phone Device and/or transfer and show on PC and overlay onto Google Maps or Google Earth. 

Display of

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Take GPS Indoors

Indoor Positioning

Rosum, Siano Introduce ALLOY Chip Using TV Signals to Take GPS Indoors

March 1, 2010

Rosum Corporation announced today the launch of ALLOY, a location and synchronization solution for indoor and urban environments.  The ALLOY chip, wh

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