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Data Link for your GNSS System

Is the CELL Phone really the Achilles Heel of your GNSS Geo Station?Unfortunately, there is no magic solution. Your coverage is limited by the service provider that you have chosen to use. In speaking with some infrastructure people at Trimble, their recommendation to end users is to go with the provider in your area that provides the best 3G coverage.Just a quick note, it is important for you the user to realize that just because you are in a location where you can use your cell phone to place and receive calls, that does not guarantee that you have data coverage in that same location. Some cell towers are for voice only coverage and while others provide coverage for both voice and data.Sorry at this point I could not provide you more insight into this issue that you are seeing with regards to the limits of your cellular coverage, but please understand that these issues are beyond the control of your Geostation manufacturer.I can only say that I have tried many services and I have found that Verizons VX8300 and it upgrade VX 8360 are without question very good I have been in many regions across our state and the dissconnect has been little to none existen.

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    • In the same way, in area where the cell signal is low, the rtk-bridge (Intuicom) is the solution. The RTK-Bridge receive corrections by gsm and repeate via UHF to the rovers. It has the advantage to use only one network license for several rovers. Just put the Bridge on car or a spot where you have good cell signal.
  • although i did not try it yet for my thales z-max which also i'm not sure if the system is included with the unit, jim had it explained very clear. let's ask our provider guys in our case "mobily" or "aljawal". Thanks jim...
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    this is a great answer, to your connection issues
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