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Archeology and SurveyingTime to Dig, Surveyors!

Below is a comprehensive list of Internet resources related to Archeology and Surveying Subjects.

Aerial Archaeology in Northern France:

Aerial Archaeology Research Group:

Aerial and Satellite Image Use in Turkmenistan Survey (T. Williams):

American Geological Institute:

American Geological Institute, Geotimes Magazine:

American Memory Project, Map Collections:

American Society for Environmental History:

Archaeology and Geophysical Survey (Notre Dame):

Association for Environmental Archaeology:

Backsights Magazine Articles (Surveyors Hist. Soc'y):

Biomapping Projects by Christian Nold:

Cadastral Surveying:

Carrlands Landscape Presentation Project:

Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (U. Arkansas):

Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (Rutgers U.):

Center for World Environmental History (U. Sussex):

Comprehensive Archaeological Map of Angkor (D. Evans et al.):

Earth Now Landsat Images (U.S.G.S.):

Geoarchaeology and GIS (U. Calgary):

Geodetic Surveying History and Images (NOAA):

Geophysics in Illinois (CERL):

Geophysics at New Philadelphia, Illinois (CERL):

Geophysics and Geoarchaeology Resources by Ellery Frahm (U. Minnesota):

Geospatial Revolution (Penn State U.):

GIS Development Articles:

Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeology (U. Denver):

Historic Landscapes of New Philadelphia (U. Illinois):

Historical Map Web Sites:

Historic Preservation Practice Network Newsletter:

Historical Archaeology Course and Bibliography (U. Illinois):

Historical Geography Research Group:

History of Territory and State Boundaries in U.S.:

Index of Historical Map Web Sites (U. Texas):

Institute for Computational Earth System Science (U. California):

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean (U.N.C.):

Landsat V Satellite Images (3 band) (NASA):

Landscape Archaeology Course and Bibliography (U. Illinois):

Mapping Etowah (Archaeology Mag.):

Metal Detection Reconnaissance (HAR):

NASA's Remote Sensing Imagery:

NASA's Space Radar Images of Earth:

NASA's Visible Earth:

National Museum of Surveying:

National Park Service's Historic Landscapes Initiatives:

National Preservation Institute:

National Register of Historic Places:

National Trust for Historic Preservation:

North America Database of Archaeological Geophysics (U. Arkansas):

Nova's Remote Sensing Imagery:

NRCS Soil Surveys:

Old Compass & Bearing Equivalents:

Oxford Archaeotechnics and Geophysics:

Predictive Models using GIS (ASU/ARI):

Rumsey Cartography Collections:

Satellite Images from Commercial Services: (DigitalGlobe) (Flash Earth) (GeoEye) (Spot Image)

Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeology (M. Fowler):

Satellite Remote Sensing Uncovers Peru Site (

Satellite Survey Using Google Earth Service (

Soil Analysis Support System for Archaeology:

Space Imaging Satellite Photos:

State Plane Coordinates from Geodetic (NOAA):

Stonehenge Investigations, 2008 (Smithsonian Mag.):

Stonehenge Landscape Survey with LIDAR (T. Goskar):

Surveyors Historical Society:

Surveyors of Virginia (Library of Virginia):

Traditions of the Sun (NPS et al.):

Uncovering Jamestowne (American Surveyor):

UNESCO Cultural Heritage Preservation:

U.S. Geological Survey:

U.S. Historical Declinations:

Walking the Mason-Dixon Line (Preservation Mag.):


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