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Surveying in this type of environment is a very challenging task. Killer bees presence is a reality to deal with. Safety is always a top priority. Care and respect to nature is always on the menu as shown where only twigs or tree branches as selectively cut just to open the required line of sight.
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  • Napaakan jud. Maayo na lang naa mi dala pirmi virlix. Wala kaayo kahubag ug wala siya kalintoraha. Maayo na lang dili ako ang naigo! :)

  • ayaw kumpyansa sa tamboboan diha bai

    bacg kalinturahon na imo abantero..

  • Thank you for the info Scott.. :)

  • Land Surveyor

    I think that the first step would be to identify a particular job in a particular State that you wish to work in.  Take that idea to the US Embassy to see what your options are.  http:/

    Working in the USA on a Visa may be a good start, or perhaps gaining citizenship would be good too.  I am really not sure how to start the process, since I have never had to experience it.  However, once you have the permission to be here, whether by Visa or by citizenship, each State has it's own rules on licensing.  Some States require more education and experience than others.  For more information on licensing in a particular State I can get you the details in short order. 

  • Majority of Filipino surveyors wish to work abroad particularly in the USA. Just curious on what process to undergo if a Filipino land surveyor wishes to become a licensed Land Surveyor in USA.
  • Land Surveyor
    Here in the USA, licensed land surveyors make between about $40,000 and $100,000 per year, which makes the profession a middle to upper-middle class endeavor.  Land surveying has even made some men somewhat wealthy here, but predominantly, the surveyor does what he does for the love of what he is doing, and if money comes with it, that's even better.  Nobody here gets involved in land surveying to get rich.  It will probably never happen.  When I started in land surveying (not licensed) it was a $15,000 per year job.  And it was only that at the time to me - a job.  As I gained passion for the profession my knowledge and income grew.  This looked more like a career than a job, now.  At one point in my career I was well over the $100,000 level, but now I am back in the middle of that salary range due to the poor economy.  My only point is that whatever it pays, I will still be surveying until I drop dead somewhere digging up a survey monument. :)
  • Surveying is unfortunately not a high paying job in the Philippines. :)
  • Land Surveyor
    Wow, Arnel, it sounds like one of the more dangerous professions in the Philippines.  Is it one of the higher paying professions too?
  • Hi Scott. We don't have any. Surveying is always at your own risk job here in the Philippines.
  • Land Surveyor
    Arnel, just curious, if you find a killer bee nest or hive, is there an authority that you can report it to that may attempt to eradicate or exterminate the nest or hive?
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