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Survey dog in training

Survey dog in training
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    Hello there Walter, my wife wants a dog.  Which breed is good at sniffin' out the critters?  I was working in the woods again (typical day in Wisconsin) and my client warned me of a 400 +/- pound black bear that keeps destroying her bird feeder and other things in the yard.  (ironically her husband is a taxidermist and they live on bear paw lane) Anyway, concealed carry has passed in Wisconsin, but it is not time for me yet to partake until they figure out how to train the ignorant.  I, myself have been shooting since I was about 8 years old - well trained by my father and more formally as well.  But I see the benefit of having a good dog because early warning means no surprises, which bears hate, and big cats can't handle - so with proper notice from a good pup there may never be a reason to shoot.  Am I right? 

  • Hi Scott,  I wish she could sniff ot corners!!...maybe in some time, she is still young and in training. She does well in sniffing out the unwanted critters like bears and cougars and warns us when they are near! Cheers, Walter

  • Land Surveyor

    I just love to see another "corner hound" beating the bounds with a professional land surveyor.  Make sure he can sniff out corners up to 3 feet deep.  (Schonstedt would be jealous)  Heck, if I had a corner hound I might even name him Schonstedt!

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